Anki Deck for Listening Comprehension of the Wani Kani Vocab?

I really need to work on my listening comprehension.  Is there currently a shared Anki Deck out there that has just the audio of the Wani Kani Vocab on the front-side of the card, and the [Kanji, Hirigana, & definition] on the back?

Not that I’m aware of but what you can do (And I really recommend this if you’re using Anki anyway) is to download the Core 6K deck and grab the audio/images for it too and use that for practice outside of WaniKani

Also for WaniKani itself I’d set audio to autoplay if you’re into that

As far as I know, there’s no easy way to download the audio from WK. The file names are all nonsensical and the API doesn’t let us query for them. Even if there was, I’m not sure that sharing the audio is kosher.

If you want an Anki deck for WK with audio, then you’ll probably have to download every file manually.

I would like to create something like that, also because the WK audio is really nice (and not just Text-to-Speech).
Is it allowed to post the deck here?

I’d just create a new thread for that, to be honest.