WK Vocab Listening Anki Deck

So I created an Anki deck from all the WK vocabulary and audio for listening practice. Might be interesting for other people as well? I’m not sure if it’s allowed to share all the WK audio so if it isn’t I will take it down.

Took me all day to get it into a csv format that Anki can understand. Also learned a lot about creating new deck types in Anki. It comes with the following features:

  • Tagged by Wanikani level, you can use custom study or copy cards around or just use it like it is. It’s ordered by level per default.
  • If two vocabs have the same pronunciation but the meanings are different, the front card will show which words it’s not looking for.
  • If two vocabs have the same pronunciation and meaning, they are merged into one card and the back will show both kanji versions. The merged card is tagged according to the lowest level card.

The template is fairly ugly because I just dumped all the information in there with some line breaks.

:floppy_disk: Download Deck Here


Cool!! You could mix it with the WK context sentences deck and get the audio for the word and the sentence sample :sunglasses:

I don’t think distributing this would be allowed since it could take business from WK, so I’m going to flag this as something else so the mods can look at it


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