Nihongo So-Matome N2: Anki Decks?

Hi everyone!

I just passed the JLPT N3 (wohooo) and am now preparing to study for the N2 (no rush, at my pace it will take me 2 years or so from now).

Besides Wanikani I used the books from the Nihongo So-Matome series (which I can highly recommend) and I already bought the next set for my N2 studies. I found it very helpful to memorize the vocabs, grammar and kanjis by using an existing Anki Deck for the Matome-series (there were 3 decks, one for vocabs, kanji and grammar each and all cards where tagged according to the chapter in which they were introduced, really convenient).

I know, that there have also been decks for the N2 part of the series, but unfortunately they seem to be removed from the shared decks repository. The only (useful) one left is this one:
(I already downloaded it before it could disappear)

Now my question to you: Does someone have copies of the old decks and could share them with me? Or does someone know where to get the missing decks?

If the decks are gone for good and I am not able to receive a copy I will start building my own deck (but perhaps I am lucky and someone could give me a hint, where to find the decks :wink: ).

On Anki, I’ve been using the Jtest4you deck, which, despite the name, also features sentences from Sou Matome.

There are still actual Sou Matome course available on Memrise - if you ever use that. I’d also recommend the Kanzen Master N2 course there - I’ve found it to be the course with the most useful selection of vocab.

Thanks for the reply.

The Jtest4you deck looks interesting, but unfortunately the cards do not seem to be tagged, so i would have to select the N2 cards by myself (but this could be an option).

I did not use memrise before, but I just looked up the Sou Matome courses. There are some for the Sou Matome series and I think I might give them a try. Can you recommend one of the courses? There are some for vocabs and kanji and few for kanji (but if they rely on the books, they should contain nearly the same cards).

I use this one for grammar, and this one for vocab.

Memrise has its weaknesses - just like Anki. In Memrise’s case it’s the multiple choice answering system. Can be difficult to get things wrong sometimes. So I just override their timings or deliberately get things wrong if I feel I need to study them more.

By the way, I have the Jtest4you Anki deck on my phone and it is divided into 5 JLPT levels. I use it to focus on N2 but add a mix from earlier levels too.

Thanks, multiple choice really is a weakness but I will give it a try.

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