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I’ve been using WaniKani for a few months and things have been going quite well until recently. It used to take me about 2 or 3 weeks to unlock a new level, and my pending review count was pretty much stable at 0. Additionally, to avoid studying items too quickly, I limit myself to up to 100 apprentice-level items at any given time.

However, since I’ve reached level 8 things have been getting quite harder to keep this way. The daily review count now averages at 160 items per day for me, and I’m quite overwhelmed by the length of the review sessions (Or the number of daily review sessions if I decide to split it up).

With such high daily review count, I often end up not finishing my daily reviews and the speed in which I study new items dramatically increased, and I can’t help but thinking that the review count will keep increasing as I progress and decrease my speed further.

Any tips that could help? :slight_smile:

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I slowed down the rate I did lessons. I also took a couple breaks to catch up on reivews/leeches/etc. I made sure to continue doing reviews at all times and only slowed down on lessons:

It’s going to be hard to make fast progress on WK if 150 items/day is too many. You’ll either need to do significantly slower lessons or make more time in your day for WK.

Watch your dashboard.

That’s what I wanted to say to you before I looked at your number. But after I saw your “dashboard”. I think your dashboard is normal. You’ll just need to get used to it/WK-ing. Unless you have many leeches, then that’s a different story to tackle.

Ah, yes, I missed this when I read your post the first time. It’s good already!

Short version: You may want to lower your Apprentice/Guru if you want to lower your daily review count, but your level up will be slower.

Long version: I currently don’t have time to type such long on this topic, so to summarize, ニャー

Thank you both for your answers, I guess I’ll try adjusting myself to this rate.

in fact the pace is never the same , the more reviews you ll get the slower you get its normal
same goes for when you’ll start to burn items

Try limiting yourself to 80 apprentice items at a time, because yes – if you keep going as you are, once you start burning durtles, your daily review count will rise to the 200s.

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