How to tackle Apprentice & Guru

I’ve been using WaniKani for almost a year now. And I’m pretty sure that this is my first forum post. Really wanted to wait for the forum update lol (joking)
I took a few months off while getting back into University and I’ve stumbled upon a issue.

I always try to keep the Apprentice items below 100 so the reviews wouldn’t take so long every day. Now I’ve noticed that I’m still reviewing 90+ items a day. I think this is because my Guru section contains 300+ items.

Is there a recommended amount that should be kept in each category as to still review items often enough but not be over powering on each review session?


300 Guru should definitely be relatively manageable tbh (I currently have 600+ and not struggling). Are you finding that you’re getting many of those Guru items wrong?
I think there was a ‘will you burnout’ thread a while back that you can search for. I think people posted and discussed Apprentice and Guru ideals in there.

From what I’ve gathered, keeping Apprentice at around a 100 at most works best for most people. Receiving very few reviews a day probably won’t happen, unless you take your time to first Master/Enlighten/Burn your items before starting new lessons. I’m currently at about 60 Apprentice and 300+ Guru and had around 65 reviews today.

If you only do one review session per day, maybe 90 feels like a lot, but tbh, I think you would have to seriously drag things out to get fewer than that per day. Try to split review sessions if you can!

Splitting a large pile of reviews is in my opinion probably the best strategy for this. Remember you have the “wrap up” button, that cuts the amount of reviews to 10, so you can quickly end your session if you feel tired or have something else to do. I personally like to do my reviews when I travel here and there, or when the lectures are especially boring :wink: My friends are used to a picture of me clicking something furiously on my mobile, and know very well that I’m trying to blast through my daily WaniKani reviews.

I normally get hit with reviews overnight. In order morning, I’ll do reviews in blocks of 10. It might take an hour or so to get through them all if I’m on mobile. On a PC, I’ll use the Reorder plugin to review radicals, kanji, and vocab in that order.

Best thing to do now is to split up your reviews. This can be done by doing for some amounts with internals, say 20-30. This is because of you have guru items and you got it correct, it will get reviewed again like the next day otherwise if it is apprentice, it would be either 4/8/12/24.

Hope this helps.

Personally I like Apprentice 60-80 with around 230 Guru. That seems to work well for me, with around 90-150 reviews a day, in manageable chunks. (Right now I have too few, so I’m like “where are the reviews?!”) Gives me time to figure this new forum out, though.

Best of luck, @Asurii!

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