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Hi everyone,
I have found myself slowly drifting away from WaniKani because I cannot keep up with my reviews which have revved up to like 70 three times a day. I can’t do this with work and family life. Does anyone have any tips on how I can reduce this and still do a lesson a day? Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

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Your number of apprentice items is the biggest factor in your daily workload. One thing you can do if you’re getting overwhelmed with reviews is hold off on doing lessons until your number of apprentice items has gone down to a certain number - maybe 50?


Check out Part 4 of this: My Journey of 368 days (+ the WK Ultimate Guide 📖 ), “Building your own Schedule”. Following a regular review schedule and finding a good pace for lessons (for me, 10/day) has helped me a ton. If you’re overwhelmed just stop doing lessons and spend a fixed amount of time reviewing each day until your’e getting to zero every day.


70x3 is 210 reviews, per day, at lvl 6.
you’re going too fast. you could do max speed if you had more japanese under your belt, or if your pain tolerance was high and time aplenty.

slow down, cowboy.

for now, just stop lessons, then see how you fare at 100 apprentice items. still too much, lower them to 90. continue this till you found a number you’re happy with, then always check your apprentice count. never do too many lessons at once.

also, as a beginner, ignore levels and levelup tactics. just do your thing, and you’ll automatically get faster.


I’m usually not one to plug my own scripts, but this might interest you.

It will tell you how many reviews you can expect to do every day with the current SRS distribution. If you think the number is too high then you probably shouldn’t do any lessons, since that will only increase your workload.


Simply slow down your lessons until your Apprentice queue goes around 50 or so. You should aim to do reviews daily, and lessons when you have time. Doing like this can reduce your commitment to WK to less than 30min a day, which is rather manageable.

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