Resources for writing Kanji?

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I’m still fairly new to wanikani and have been living in Japan for a couple years now, but i have yet to find a good practice tool for me to practice writing Kanji, im embarassed to say i dont have the self discipline to sit there and mindless write them all out 50-100 times, so i was wondering what are some tools some of you all have used to make the experience more enjoyable? Thanks in advance!

I use Ringotan. It’s a SRS system for writing Kanji. I like it for the fact that it’s an SRS and also because it has multiple learning orders, including one which follows the Wanikani order.


I sometimes go to They have a free “Draw the Kanji” game. Very good if you have a touchscreen and stylus. It saves a lot of paper. You can choose between sets of kanji to practice from at random.


If you want to follow along with WK’s kanji progression, one user put together some printable practice sheets with the kanji ordered by WK level. There are a few things that are out of order, since a few of WK’s kanji have been moved/added/removed since these were made, but they’re a handy resource! This is how I’ve been learning to write kanji. It doesn’t solve the problem if you don’t like practicing writing things over and over, but I’ve found that if I learn about 3-4 kanji a day on WK, it doesn’t take too much time to practice writing the new ones each day.

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