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I was wondering if there is any third party app using WK database to learn how to draw kanji.

Learning how to write is one of the things that fascinates me most, and being able to do it while waiting for the bus (and for some more WK reviews) would help a lot.

Also comments on your favorite apps or sites (not bound to WK) to learn how to draw kanjis is appreciated.

Thanks guys!

There a WaniKani review app on the apple store, it’s free and when you review a kanji, you can swipe right to see stroke order and practice in a little box underneath !

Thanks @velloria!
Unfortunately I have android…

What app is this?

Yes, here’s a great one I use:

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I also have Android, and I use an app called Japanese Kanji Study - 漢字学習. Kanji are organized by Joyo or JLPT level. Joyo grade 1 (80 kanji) are all available for free, and after that there’s a one-time payment of a recommended $10, though if I remember correctly, you choose what you wish to pay. And then the rest is unlocked.

You can do flashcard study, multiple choice quizzes, or writing challenges, and each has several subsets of basically how you want the quizzes to be organized and what information you want available during. It also has a great search function, and the entry for each kanji includes an animated stroke order, all readings including some common vocab (usually a verb or something), a bunch of information on meaning and usage, as well as some usage within names.

I’m sure there’s tons I’m leaving out, but I do definitely recommend it. Like, if you couldn’t tell.

Have I mentioned Skritter?

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