Resources for Kanji writing practice?

Hello, fellow learners. As we all know, WaniKani does wonders to our ability to learn and recognize Kanji. KaniWani helps us with recalling how to write Japanese vocabulary when given a prompt in English.
However, I find myself lacking in my ability to recall and write Kanji. I would like to have an SRS-based system to help me memorize how to draw the Kanji on paper, including stroke order.
Is there such a thing? What are your methods for practicing drawing Kanji?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Since you’re using an SRS-based system that’s quizzing you from EN->JP, you can try writing the answer with paper and pencil before you type it in. Handwriting input to enter the answer works too, but if you have predictive text on, it might give you some assistance.

If you know the answer but write it wrong, it’s up to you if you want to consider the whole thing “wrong”. Most people can get away with just writing the ones they miss a few times, but it depends on how much you care about handwriting stuff.


If you’ve got a smartphone, there’s an app I use called Kanji Study that’s pretty darn helpful, and a little easier to use than Anki I think. There’s another one called Kanji Tree. Both of them allow you to adjust the strictness of stroke order, direction and position for practice and you use the screen to draw it out.


I use Kanji Study as well. It’s how I learned all the hiragana and katakana so quickly. Writing things down as a process is super helpful for memorization.


Thanks! This will probably do the trick! :slight_smile:

I’ve only been using WaniKani for a bit more than a month, but so far I’ve been using KameSame instead of KaniWani because it expects kanji answers (KaniWani is great but accepts kana).
I use it on my phone with a Chinese keyboard to draw the kanji straight in, or with a pencil and notebook before typing the answer on my computer.
If I want to check the stroke order I click the Jisho link to see the animation.

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Kanji Study is a great app, but it doesn’t utilize SRS, unless there has been an update recently (I haven’t used it in a while). I am also interested if anyone is aware of a program/app that utilizes SRS for kanji writing practice.

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I would also like this!

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If you love the pen-paper experience, I made a website to download the practice sheets website


I loved and was obsessed with Skritter for a while!
SRS based!
It’s a little expensive (more so now than when I was using it tbh) but paying money always motivated me to continue studying. lol

Also I use the free app called 漢字忍者 it’s directed at ES students in Japan and the kanji is based on grades 1-6 but it’s a good free app that covers most WK kanji. No SRS but it’ll introduce you to a lot of new vocab as well.

This is great! Thank you. I love that you have the option of kanji grouped by Wani Kani level. I am going to try printing out a few sheets today and see how it works.

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