Kanji Sheets based on your WaniKani Progress?

Hi everyone!
Is there any SRS tool focused on kanji writing?
Maybe something that gives you the kanji name and asks for you to draw it. And do that based on your wanikani progress, or something like that.

I know there is this site: Kanji Sheets , but for some reason i cant add my API nor search for individual kanjis, so its a pain to pratice only the ones ive learned.

PS: im sorry if im double posting, but i did some search on the forum and got stucked…

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Someone made a site (Kanji.sh | Download Kanji worksheets for Free) where you can download and print sheets (pdf) to practice handwriting kanji. Ordering of kanji knowledge is according to JLPT, grad, WaniKani and frequency respectively.
You’d have to do the SRS yourself manually though. :wink:


I second this website. It is very helpful, especially if you want to practice using WaniKani by level.

Thats perfect! Just what i needed, i wanted pdf for using with ipad aplications such as notability!

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I just want to say that kanji.sh completes WaniKani for me.