Wanikani kanji study?


I’m a recent member here looking to solidify their knowledge of japanese, and am currently trying to find a good way to study kanji stroke order using SRS. Is there a webapp similar to Kamesame or Kaniwani that deals solely with writing kanji?

If there isn’t, I just graduated from college as a web developer and would be happy to write a website that fulfills such a gap in the SRS japanese studying community.

Thanks in advance!

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Hmm, I don’t think I’ve seen many webpps that do this, mainly just mobile apps, presumably because they’re more tailored to a touch interface and therefore lead themselves to drawing characters. Whenever I’ve drawn kanji (for searching, etc.) I’ve always found it hard to do with a mouse, haha.

I did a little searching of the forums and I can see that somebody mentioned https://skritter.com/ before, looks like they support SRS and stoke order on the web, but they’re not free. Everything else I can find either doesn’t support SRS, or is app only. Incidentally, not a website, but somebody also made this recently which might be helpful, since it groups the stoke order lists by level: https://kanji-printer.web.app/

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I use the Kanji Stroke Order font. It is open source.
When I learned to write out characters, I used kaniwani and a tablet. The character recognition on my IME usually doesn’t work if you don’t input strokes correctly, so in effect it did what you are suggesting.

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Thanks for the responses guys! I think skritter seems like a great option, although I wish it integrated with wanikani. Maybe I’ll make something similar (and free), but we’ll see how these other options you guys mentioned hold up. Thanks again!


Besides Skritter, there is another app called Kanji Senpai that integrates handwriting and SRS.

My approach to remembering stroke order, however, was to just make sure I write out the kanji/vocab/radical whenever it comes up in my WaniKani reviews. I do this either using pencil and paper or the handwriting input keyboard if I’m on my phone.

If you use the website to do lessons, there are two add ons that show you the stroke orders, one was mentioned above (a font that shows numbers next to each stroke based on stroke order) and the other takes stroke order diagrams from Jisho. I use the latter. The stroke order diagrams only work for kanji though, not for radicals. In those cases I look up the stroke order in Kanji Study.

If you do WaniKani lessons using the app Flaming Durtles, the stroke order for all radicals and kanji is already there.