Application for writing kanji

Honestly I never had any intention of learning to write kanji when I started wanikani, but now I’m getting to this point where especially for certain tests I might need to be able to write them, but I’m really bad (more like lazy lol) at memorizing things on my own so I was wondering if anyone is using some kind of SRS program to learn how to write kanji (preferably one that won’t make me learn the meaning over again) or any kind of textbook/workbook that you use?
I looked briefly into skritter, but it seems kind of expensive if I’m only going to be using it for writing, and I don’t want to put my credit card info into it to get the free trial if I don’t even know if it has a wk deck… does anyone here use it, and if so do you use a wk deck, and does the application also quiz you on the meaning, or are you able to just study the stroke order? Would you say it’s worth the price?
Anyways, if anyone has a good system it’d help me out if you shared what you do and your experience :slight_smile:, thanks


Ringotan. It’s an app that uses srs, and you can sync it with your Wanikani account

It starts with lessons like this:

Then your reviews look like this:


I recommend good ol’ pen and paper, a stroke order userscript, and just writing the kanji that show up in your reviews here one or two times.

I wrote about the stationary I use in another thread not too long ago:


I just use Anki and a notebook.

This deck: [Version 1.05 | 2016-01-31] Anki deck for kanji writing practice