[Web] Kanji Practice Worksheet Generator (Updated)

I recently discovered the wonderful Kanji worksheet generator created by @prawn, but found that its WaniKani sync feature no longer functioned due to the phasing out of WaniKani API v1, which is what it was using. I have updated it to instead use WaniKani API v2 and have made it available on my GitHub Pages: https://xelaushi.github.io/kanji/.

The updated fork is available at GitHub - sl4b/kanji: Customizable Kanji character charts that are easily printable to help practice writing..


This looks great!
Could you add a feature to add all kanji from 1 level?
Clicking 2000 separate kanji will be quite tiring on my hands :sweat_smile:

You looking into writing kanji? Cool!

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Yes, I want to practice it in the future.
Apart from the calligraphic aspect, I also hope to solidify the kanji in my mind by doing this.
I already have some calligraphic pens and have asked for a 原稿用紙 notebook for Sinterklaas.
But maybe I’ll just print the material instead with this tool, which seems easier. Or get one of those fancy buddha boards.


You can run this in your browser’s console:

jQuery('[data-category="jlptn1"] .kanji-box').click()
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I’ll look into adding that. It looks like an ‘add-all’ button was something the previous dev worked on but never finished.

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I hope I’m not too much of a bother, but another suggestion from me would be to add those transparent crosses as a toggleable option?

Like this:

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I’ll also try adding those, I can see how they would be quite nice to have. Thank you for your suggestions! I have a busy next few days so I’m not sure how quickly I can add everything.

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No rush! In your own time of course.

thanks for updating this!
been meaning to print out practice sheets for a long while now
i shall bookmark this and hopefully get my butt into gear!

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You kind soul :sob:
Thank you for updating!

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I’ve added select all buttons as well as the option for guide lines (transparent crosses). You’ll also notice that the UI has been changed a bit; while adding the features, I got a little carried away and… ended up reworking everything :sweat_smile:. It was a 6 year old codebase using technologies that I don’t care to learn, so that turned out to be the easiest option.

Adding all of the kanji from level 60 to level 1 might slow down the page, so I’d suggest printing at most 30 levels at the time. Also, you’ll have to click the select all button for each level of kanji you want to print. You get to work for it a little ;).

The layout of the boxes will still hopefully be receiving more work, as currently you can only either have some of the boxes be cut off when printed (100% scale), or have the characters be too small to read the stroke order indicators (scale to fit).


Thank you so much for the work!
This will be very useful

Just found this - so awesome! I had been using the older version and just found this. Thank you so much @sleebab for this :+1:

I had printed some sheets from the older version and used them for submitting homework for the Japanese class I finally signed up for, and the sensei found some mistakes in the readings for 今、先、月、土. Happy to say, they were all correct in the version from this updated site (yay!)

I did not try the API key - I have been MIA from WaniKani for almost a year now (family issues…) - almost ready to start again but will need a major level reset! So glad I had just signed up for lifetime membership before things went sideways and took me away for a while. :smiley: