Kanji progression

Damn you nihonjin… なんじつ is so much more 日本語-like than なんにち. Also, I have no idea how I got 光 so many times wrong… shies away


As soon as you guru a radical the corresponding kanji in that level should be available; you don’t need to guru 90% of radicals to get kanji lessons, but you do need to guru 90% kanji to level up.

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Is that the case for the first level? It could be that level 1 kanji only unlock after 90% of radicals are guru’d

Yes, that’s why I think something is horribly wrong if the OP doesn’t have any lessons. Or unless bladepoint is correct :wink:

Ah. I thought 90% of both had to be Guru.

@rfindley is typing though, so we’ll have a definitive answer soon :yum:


That’s what I’ve been waiting for, but the suspense is killing me…


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@oldbonsai @viet,
This thread raises some questions for me that are likely to come up as I redesign the stats site for APIv2. I’m hoping to add a new feature that will tell people exactly what they need to do to level-up.

My current understanding is that the 90% requirement only pertains to kanji, and more specifically the passed_at field in the API.

Also, there is no 90% requirement for the radicals (maybe except Level 1??). Individual kanji will unlock when the radicals that they’re made of reach Guru (i.e. passed_at). So, when kanji unlock immediately at level-up, it’s because those kanji’s radicals are from the prior level and had already reached Guru. And when the rest of the kanji unlock partway through the level, it’s because some of the radicals are from the current level, and the user just finished Guru’ing those. And those unlocks happen as a group only because people tend to Guru a lot of radicals in the same sitting… so it’s not a 90% radicals rule or anything.

But Level 1 does seem to be different… like it has different criteria for determining when to unlock the first round of kanji. Is there a 90% rule for radicals that only applies to Level 1?

Could you guys elaborate on whether the above is correct, and if I’m missing any additional details? I’m hoping that by understanding the process better, I’ll be able to put together a “What do I need to level-up” feature, and people in the forums can point people with these sort of questions to the stats site to understand their specific case.


I’m impressed about the list you compiled :smile:

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I just stole @Kumirei’s post that I linked before, but nobody read.

I know I’ve read information saying that you have to Guru 90% of the radicals and kanji to level up, but even if it’s true, I’m not sure it would be possible to have < 90% of the radicals, but > 90% kanji.

Looking back at the FAQ and Guide, they both say only 90% kanji. I can’t remember where I’ve read that, but I do know I was under the impression of needing both for a good while.

It’s not common, but I do think it’s possible:

  • You can fail a review on a Guru’d radical, causing it to drop back down to Apprentice, but the passed_at field still remembers the fact that it had reached Guru, so it still counts for unlocking the kanji that contain it.
  • If a particular radical happens to be in a larger number of kanji on the current level, that would contribute a larger percentage to the 90% requirement for kanji. In general, I don’t think this has much effect, because radicals tend to have a relatively consistent range of number-of-kanji that they’re used in on the current level.

It is slow though :wink:


Possible in theory, yes, but I’m not sure if any of the levels are set up to allow it in actuality. You would need multiple radicals that are not used in any kanji of that level or have a set of levels you could stack up the radicals in the same way. Even if it’s possible, it would require you to be so deliberate only an automation tester cough cough would be a likely person to encounter that kind of scenario.

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Yes thats how it works.

No, there is no special treatment here. Level 1 to 60 are all evaluated the same.

Only thing different is the first two levels have accelerated SRS.


Okay, great to know!!

Still sort of a mystery, then, as to why the OP is having trouble, though we’re basing our assumptions on limited knowledge of his/her items’ status.


OP is no longer having problems. They now have 11 kanji in their Apprentice review pile

@rfindley Also since we don’t have PMs, TamperMonkey is telling me line 79 and 390 in the Open Framework are missing semicolons.

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