WaniKani Too Slow! Can I speed this up Please!?

remember my original reply, where i pointed out that there’s the FAQ and pereira’s guide to send people to?

that’s all that’s needed. everything explained there.

I agree, when you get to the double digit levels the game will annihilate you with reviews. I got so far behind last Christmas that I was overwhelmed and took a break.

Sure, but people (myself being the first, and only actually, now that I look back) had already linked those. I was addressing your other points that you, yourself, just pointed out were unnecessary to make.

I didn’t see any comments worthy of being told to “go away”.


we might have a different level of sensitivity regarding this kind of stuff. threads on wk sometimes tend to head towards gank train if it’s not stopped early.

you linking them is admirable. i didn’t speak to anyone in particular btw

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I find it’s usually best to give people the benefit of the doubt on their intentions with posts/comments since we can only base their intentions off text. (no body language, voice tone, etc to help with distinguishing)


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yeah, communication via text only is lackluster. the bane of the internet.

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maybe this long list of threads hints at something?
the FAQ could be more easily accessible, from the dashboard, at least for the free levels.
that people keep posting this means there’s a lack of clarity, and who on earth reads long ass articles on websites on the net they’re just trying out?

not me at least. i’m a lazy bum.

I’m not sure if it’s changed, but when I started, the FAQ was part of the starting checklist for new users. Is that not the case anymore?

The FAQ is also located in the same spot any FAQ is located for any site/application - at the bottom of the home page.

That’s why I think people tend to get upset when people create a new thread for the zillionth time - because it is easily accessible.


the checklist didn’t disappear until you checked all points, in the olden days, but it seems to have lost all functionality.

maybe a proper tutorial would make sense, the crabigator taking you by the hand, explaining stuff as you go along.

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What do you mean?

points of that list were ticked when you completed those tasks. now it’s just a little info window.

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Ah, alright. But it still lists the FAQ, doesn’t it? If not, I definitely agree that the FAQ should appear as one of the items for new users to complete, whether those items get ticked off automatically or not. It still puts the info right there, and would achieve what you said by being more easily accessible.

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To be honest, I felt like I got like a hundred warnings that WK might feel a bit slow in the beginning. I was also cautioned that people would probably be a bit annoyed if I posted about that in the forums.

But since it was very slow I had a lot of time to read up on the guides and FAQ etc.


maybe a real into makes sense, now that they’re done with the overhaul project. a series of sites you go through, with explanations. “new user experience”.

there’s certain things covered by the FAQ that just keep coming up on the forums, like why do i get marked wrong for X, but not for Y", or “why do i learn A, but not B first”, enough to make it worth it in my opinion.

also helps retaining new users and gaining some revenue from people who give up.

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But as you say @OmukaiAndi, a tutorial would probably be a good thing. I am an avid reader who really likes reading guides etc. Many people aren’t…


Actually, I thought they did do something like this. Almost like a guided tour? Maybe I’m thinking of one of the other tools I use, though. :thinking:

@Obeq since you are relatively new, can you confirm? Were you offered a guided tour of the site when you first logged in?

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i’m the perfect model of a bad, lazy user. i come to a site like this, click around a bit, get bored in 5 minutes and wander off.

how wanikani managed to catch me, i have no clue. it’s been a while.

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when i came back from my 3 year hiatus, i leveled a new account named @omukai to lvl 9, before i reactivated this one. i didn’t see a guided tour.

Actually, no. I was a bit confused in the beginning, and only found my first lessons by accident. I think it was upon reaching level two that the checklist appeared.