Hello, Im getting Reviews only


Is it because I often missed my lessons?
or I just finished the free level of wanikani?
Or Im just impatient?

Haha sorry its been 2 days since my last lesson.


Once you’ve taken all the lessons for Level 1, you need to get at least 90% (I think) of your radicals to the ‘Guru’ level before you can take Level 2 lessons. It will take a few days, depending on how fast you took the lessons and how well you do on the reviews. There should be a progress bar on your dashboard labeled ‘Radicals Progression’; it has a line on it that shows you what percentage you need to unlock level 2.


Once you get your radicals to guru level, you’ll unlock your level 1 kanji. From there, you have to get 90% of the kanji to guru level to reach level 2. The early levels take some time, but once you get a few levels in you’ll notice that you have a pretty steady stream of lessons and reviews.

Check out the FAQ and the Guide for more info on how the system works.


Yes, you are being impatient. There is a pathway to getting a new lesson:

When you learn a new item (radical, kanji), you will be tested on it four hours later, eight hours later, one day later, two days later. If you make a mistake in this pathway, you will go back two steps.

During the first three steps, your item is marked as “apprentice”.

After the two days later review, your item is marked as “guru”.

When an item is “guru”, you are considered to have learnt that item well enough to receive lessons based on that item. New kanji or vocab based on that learnt item then becomes unlocked. That is your next lesson.

Every day, someone posts a new thread about this issue. Or they complain it is too slow and not worth using.

I assure you that as the number of guru’ed items pile up, you will eventually feel very differently about the workload. For example: one guru’ed kanji can result in three new words. Each level has 30 or more kanji. If you stick with the system, you will get busy.


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