Level 3 Progression Stopped?

I’ve been on level 3 for a few days and a bunch of the radicals are at 100% recognition, but it still says my progression is at zero. Same for the kanji. Any ideas?

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Level 1 and 2 are only half as long as the other levels, so it’s to be expected that you slow down a bit. In general you need to guru 90% of the level’s kanji to level up.

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Yeah, the waiting intervals are longer starting from level 3. You still have to get things right 4 times for them to move up to guru, it just takes about twice as long.

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You might want to read the faq and the guide to fully understand how the site works.

In short you must guru all the radicals in a level, once they are done you will unlock the levels kanji (some will unlock at the start but some must be unlocked by guru’ing the appropriate kanji). Then guru 90% of the levels kanji to level up. Vocab is important but doesn’t play an effect on levels

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Thank you. I wanted to make sure something wasn’t wrong before I kept going. This service has helped me with kanji more than any other so far. I’ve combined this with the Genki textbook to improve my grammar and am seeing a great improvement.

I posted about the same issue before, too. :smile: Nothing to worry about. Now i am at the end of level 3 (last free level) and i wish it wouldn’t be that fast. :persevere:

I was getting a little worried about level 3 too! Finally, 4 just hit. :slight_smile:

Just got to level 4 last night. Now it’s starting to get harder to cram all this into my head. I’ll keep going though. Need to remind myself that I won’t always get the new content in each level right for a bit.

You don’t need to do all the new lessons at once :slight_smile: In higher levels, barely no one does it. I don’t do it since lvl 5. In the previous lessons, doing all at once was easy, but later it might hurt you :slight_smile: Find your own pace and go for it! o/

That’s a good tip!

Does anyone know if there is a correlation between WaniKani levels and JLPT levels? Like up to level 10 will get you through JLPT 1 or something like that.

WK’s goal wasn’t to order the Kanji based on the JLPT levels. However, our lovely community member @rfindley created an awesome website where you can check your WK statistics (the % of Kanji that you know of a certain JLPT level is also included):

It will ask you for your API key. You can find it in here: https://www.wanikani.com/api

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That’s really helpful. Thanks!

No prob. If case you got any other question. Feel free to ask :wink:

If I get answer any item incorrect does that drop it all the way down to apprentice regardless of what level it is on or does it only drop the item down a level?

Example: Master → Guru
Guru → Apprentice

or is it

Master → Apprentice

It drops down 2 levels, or 1 level if it’s still on apprentice if I’m not mistaken.

However, the levels are as following:

Apprentice 1, 2 3 and 4 (intervals of 4h, 8h, 1d, 2d)
Guru 1 and 2 (1wk, 2wk)
Master (1m)
Enlightened (4m)

So a Master item supposed to go to Enlightened will go back to Guru 1, and an Enlightened item supposed to be burned will go back to Guru 2 and will also cause you to bang your own head against the wall in disbelief.


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