Kanji 久 available now for review but NOT

Did they lock the kanjis that they changed the levels? The page for 久 says it is available for review now but I have zero reviews…

Be sure you have a correct time set up on your machine, the page displays time depending on your local machine time, but the actual reviews depend on the server time

I think so. But when you get to level 32 (and do the lesson again?) it should go back to the SRS level it was at before.

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If you had done the lesson before the overhaul, it should remain unlocked and you should be able to review it.

Maybe that was their intention, but I don’t think that’s how it works. This issue has come up before.

@viet @oldbonsai Can you confirm the expected behavior for this case?

Kind of. It still has to be at or below your level.

No, but if the item (radical, kanji, or vocabulary) moved to a level higher than what you’re at now, it won’t show up in your reviews until you hit that level.

The bug is really on the item detail page — it’s technically available now, but it’s not available to you. :frowning: We’ll add a task to our bug list that will make the progress bar say something more informative and accurate.


Is there any reason not to let people continuing reviewing the item since they learned it already?


After I leveled up it just appeared in my reviews (not in the lessons) and now 久 is finally burned.

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Many, reasons, really.

There are some technical ones, but those aren’t all that critical. The main reason is that moving items up in levels usually indicates there are more things that need to be learned to put that item in the right context and help support other items at that new, higher level. Kristen and the rest of the content team make those decisions with great care and intent.


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