Bugs in WK?

Hello everyone,
Wondering if anyone else has experienced either of these two problems in WK. Not sure if they’re bugs or if I’m just missing something … :

  1. Unlocking new kanji on bizarre levels. I’ve unlocked kanji and vocab from levels 8 and 10, despite being a L7. I also just got a new unlock from L5 today despite being in L7 territory for a while and I’m just confused about why this is happening.
  2. Every time I start my reviews and I type my first answer, my review queue will either a) reset completely before my answer is submitted or, b) delete all or half of my answer so I either have to type it again or get the meaning/reading wrong and then I have to set up all over again.

If anyone has had similar problems or knows how to fix these, advice is appreciated!!
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


They’re adjusting the levels of various items up/down. WaniKani Content Movements: Wednesday May 29 - Wednesday July 31 2024

Once you’ve unlocked an item and it’s in your lesson pile, you keep it even if it’s moved to a new level.

  1. Could be items were moved? They tend to move things around a bit. Recently been doing a bunch of updates every Thursday. Mostly related to accepted meanings, sentences, mnemonics, etc. But, they do move items to different levels. Possible you unlocked items like normal, but then they got moved to a higher level than you are at, in which case they stay unlocked.
  2. Any scripts installed? Reorder types scripts can do that. Page is done loading and ready to go, before script finishes stepping it and changing things around.

Your first question has been answered already.

Your second question, I see this all the time. What I have observed is that when I start a review session, until all dependencies have been loaded, anything I type will be lost as the page is resetting once the last dependency is loaded.

In the browser I am using I can the assets which are being loaded in the status bar (screen cap below - which just shows the start of the process, the info in the status bar next shows “loading assets” and then “loading XXX” and “loading YYY” and so on). There are many. Until all of those have loaded (for me usually 10 to 20 seconds), anything I input will be wiped away.

Note: I have been using WK for several years. Until several months ago I never saw this behaviour. I believe it started after the big WK site update. Since then it has always been this way.

Note 2: I have a few user scripts which I use. The usefulness to me of those user scripts outweighs needing to wait a bit before I start my review session.