Stuck on level 1 eternally?

I NEVER get new lessons, just reviews of the same old kanji I learned a long time ago, on top of that I always end up waiting hours for a review of 1-2 kanji
like it asks me about a single kanji, i respond and then it ends, whats the deal?! how to get more lessons?!

Don’t you have a topic about this?

The fastest time to reach level 2 is 3 days and 10 hours.

If you have reviews where only one item came and that was it, it’s because you got it wrong earlier, so it was on a shorter interval than the other items it originally appeared with.

How long exactly has this “eternity” been so far?


around 6-7 days of usage, and I got it wrong because i typed the other reading and I already fixed it 7 times cause it gave me the same kanji to review, thats the thing.

When 90% of your level 1 kanji reach guru status, you’ll move up to level 2. If you’ve made mistakes on enough kanji to make getting to 90% a little slower, yes, it can be a bit of a weird wait, but I don’t see anything you’ve said that sounds like a bug or anything.

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if what i said doesnt sound like a bug theres definitely something off with the system, no reason for me to review the same single kanji over 10 times because i typed the kunyomi instead of onyomi, it takes way too long and I see a lot of threads about it, I am not even complaining about the “wait X hours for next review” I am complaining about how often I end up waiting hours for one single kanji reviews I did 3-4 times before, also for some reason my kanji is stuck on

even tho I got them all correct many times

What kanji have you reviewed 10 times? Can you show us a screenshot of the item page?

Also, if you enter the wrong reading for a kanji (kun instead of on, for example), it should shake, tell you to enter the other one, and let you continue. So an example would be helpful.

The bar doesn’t fill up until an item is at guru status.


Can you show us the item page?

The part that looks like this.

And if you, for instance, enter おんな for 女 in the kanji review, that doesn’t count as a wrong answer.

I dont see it, the item page I mean
also, it was read and gave me a chance to fix, which I did, but it seemed to have cursed my account for all eternity


So like… 36h? xD

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Go to the dashboard.

Find 女 on the list of level 1 kanji (it won’t be black for you)

Click it.

Scroll to the bottom.

Never mind, I don’t think we need his screenshot. 女 is on his wall of shame. He got it wrong one time out of a total of 5 reviews.

Unless he’s counting his reviews of the radical and the kanji together, but that would be a new one.

I’m a girl and yes I failed Onna/Jo but I dont see why it says I have 0 kanji progression, can I set the level somehow to my current level in kanji or do I have to wait?

I mentioned that already. The bar fills up with the percentage of items that have reached guru. It doesn’t fill up with each review.

I see, I guess I’ll keep waiting, thank you
next review in 10 hours, hopefully the last one of Level 1 :frowning:

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Just to clear it up;
There are four stages in apprentice, so you have to answer four times correctly, each time moving the item one rank higher, in order to get an item to guru and unlocking new items. If you answer incorrectly the item gets moved down a rank. Meaning you have to review it more often in order to move it to guru.

So it seems like you just haven’t reached the guru level on any of the kanji yet.

Just out of curiosity, how did you do the lessons when they became available to you? All at once? If you did them over time, they will return over time as well.

And if you ever want to know when an item will appear again, it will tell you on the item page when its next review is.

“And if you ever want to know when an item will appear again, it will tell you on the item page when its next review is.” I dont see it, can you please specify? sorry

as for my lessons, I just do them as soon as they’re available, usually do those at work

All the way at the bottom of the page for whatever item.

You could use the DashBoard Progress Plus script to see how you’re progressing with each item.
(First install Open Framework to get it working)

To get started with installing WaniKani scripts visit this page it helped me too:

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