Higher Level Items in Review Queue

From today, some of you may notice an increase in the number of lessons or reviews you have available because of our latest update that just went live. You might also notice that an item in a higher level than your current level is available in your lessons or reviews queue!

What did we change?
Sometimes we need to move subjects from one level to another. This generally doesn’t affect users, unless the level the subject is moved to is higher than the one you’re currently on. For example, let’s say we move 方 from level 3 to 10 after you’ve already unlocked it or completed the lesson for it. Until today, once we move it, you lose access to the item until you reach level 10.

Now with this new change, you’ll still be able to learn and review those items that you’ve unlocked in your Lessons or Reviews, even after we move it. Even if you’re still on level 3 and 方 has now been moved to level 10, it will stay in your lessons or reviews pile.

This change will only be noticeable to users who’ve worked on some items that we moved up recently. As usual, if we need to move more items, we’ll announce it here.





Because I reset I don’t get some of the kanji that had been moved burn big sadge, but my own fault lol. This is definitely a good update though because people have already started the SRS then for a Vocab or Kanji to move would be annoying.


Seems like you guys are rethinking a lot of the base systems around wanikani. Great job, this way I can actually review 又 without actually waiting another 6 months.