[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews

Love the new dark mode. Nicely done!

ipad dark mode coming soon?

What’s wrong with the image? Personally, I think it’s too washed out in light mode. The background image can be found at:

Nothing wrong with the image itself, but the dashboard looks a bit noisy with it.
I’d prefer it if there would be just a solid color instead of the background image, like in the iOS Settings app.
You wouldn’t have the parallax effect anymore, but it would look cleaner and more modern in my opinion.
So I thought a toggle would be a nice compromise.
But as I said, just a minor nitpick.

I still like it as a start screen.

I’ve got this same issue

“long time no see” … I also have this issue and have for some time. It’s something in the data files and I intend to look into it today. This is very likely a fallout from the move of 久, as discussed at Kanji 久 available now for review but NOT. I am working out how to handle the case more generally.

Related GitHub issue here:

I think my iPad is just stupid, then.

will have an app-wide setting when it’s merged. If your iPad is below iPadOS 13, or is on light mode, the app will currently be in light mode. :wink:

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I really like the new feature of being able to use the Japanese keyboard. However, personally I’m not a fan of the dark mode. Is there a way to switch it back to light mode without switching the theme of my phone?

Also, before I was able to press on the kanji/word to be able to get rid of fonts temporarily. Now it seems much harder to do this.

The font “issue” was also discussed. Read the thread :stuck_out_tongue:

@JapanStar49 assuming the iOS app is built using swift, what is Go used for?

It’s used to create the data.bin which contains the pre-Content Update mnemonics and the local cache. I would like to see this converted to Swift, however, for dynamic subject updating.

Apologies. I had thought you might have contributed to the github repo and had knowledge about it.
I’m a web developer myself, but I have little experience in native apps.

This app is amazing. It has literally everything I ever wanted improved about WaniKani. Thank you so so much for making this

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It just updated and is perfect.

Latest update is fantastic!! Thanks so much

The app is amazing! I’ve been using it pretty exclusively, but there are two things I have noticed:

  1. Most of the time, “This Level - Time Remaining” has been calculated at 400+ days.
  2. I went to the website and found I still had a few reviews outstanding but Tsurukame showed no reviews.

I read through some of the earlier portions of this thread and it seems like this has been a problem but was fixed. I just checked Tsurukame and it’s telling me I have 1 day 6h left (a more reasonable number). I am now wondering if both issues are linked – as in that there were items that needed to be reviewed but had been super overdue which is how the time remaining was calculated as forever, since the only 2 times it has been calculated more accurately is when I’ve gone to the website and found a few reviews to do.

How long did Level 1 take you? It’s based on the average level-up time, so if Level 1 took you 400+ days, it’s going to estimate this one will. :wink:

However, once you had your radicals at Guru, it now had an actual time to find your exact level-up time.

As for the missing reviews, have you updated to the latest version? It would help to know that.

LOL. that’s fair. yes. I didn’t do anything with my account for the first year :wink:

BUT, I noticed that after I complete whatever wasn’t done on the website (as in when it shows I have 0 reviews on the app, but it turns out there are some on the website), it will show the time to complete the level as 1 day several hours.

I downloaded the app around a week ago, but it seems there’s an update from 3 days ago. I’ll report back if it’s still happening.