Just can't keep up

Thank you rwesterhof, fustian and naevyah,

I don’t know about Flaming Durtles or the Anki mode.
Maybe I need to do some research! :slight_smile:

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same… i had to seriously slow down. 8 - 12 lessons a day on good days, sometimes none and i try to make it to friday with 100 reviews or less so i can catch up over the WE.

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Here is the link to Flaming Durtles but I realized it’s only on Android so if you have an iPhone, you can check Jakeipuu and Tsurukame. I don’t know if these ones have an Anki mode though.

In Anki mode, you don’t have to write the answer, you just answer it aloud or in your head, click on Show answer, then on Correct or Incorrect. There is also a userscript to have Anki mode directly on the website but I have not tested it yet.

I support the idea to use anki mode at least throughout the day if you are at work and some break. Usually I check flaming durtles and there are ate least 50 reviews, If I would type them, I would take a long time.

Only checking mentally, I am honest with myself, If I say しゅう instead of しゅ I set incorrect.

otherwise, just doing all the pile at the evening would be overwhelming and after some days I couldn’t for sure to keep up as well.

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