How to slow down reviews?

After studying wanikani for a while I felt like I’m getting alot better with kanji/vocabs, however, my grammar skills are practically nonexistant which is why i decided to pick up bunpro (another SRS servcie) which is currently working fine. The problem is that with the two of them combined the workload is becoming insane, I now have to spend about 1.5~2 hours a day on japanese studies on top of me getting ready to apply to uni. it was pretty easy to slow down reviews on bunpro but i couldn’t find a way to slow down wanikani’s. any advice?

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Stop doing lessons for now. And gradually the reviews should go down by themselves over the next few weeks. Then don’t do as many lessons as you used to, to keep the amount of reviews more manageable.


Well currently you can’t slow it down but what I would recommend doing is not doing any more lessons and working through your reviews until they get further into the srs then your load should lessen but for now, you might just have to bear it! I do understand the load since I use 5 SRS systems another website and a textbook xD but yeah that is all there is to it

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As you stop doing lessons, you’ll eventually get your Apprentice items down to under 50. If doing Bunpro at the same time, keeping your WK Apprentice items to under 50 will make WK and Bunpro more manageable. So, when your Apprentice items drop down to 35, then do 15 lessons to bring it back up to 50. You’ll just need to get comfortable with the fact that it will take 12-15 days for each WK level instead of 7-8 days, but you’ll avoid overall burnout which is way worse!


how are you still alive???

just used to it been doing Japanese for over a year now and 俺は高校生ですso I have a lot of time on my hands

It’s really all about how you dose it. In bunpro you’ll probably add less grammar points than lessons in wanikani. It’s like a bucket of water which overflows, best to turn off the faucet first.

And just try to clear your reviews as best you can everyday.

I have burned out twice over the year I have had Wanikani. I can only echo the advice from everyone here already.

Stop doing lessons and the workload will lower. Many people will recommend that you keep your apprentice items to a specific number and only do lessons when you go below that number. Mine is set at 100. I’ll also only do a set number of lessons a day. For example, if my apprentice number hits 60, I won’t do 40 lessons to bring it up to 100. I’ll do 20 today, and 20 tomorrow. This helps prevent large batches and spreads out the load as much as possible.

Following this method, I’ve doubled my streak (50 days now!) and do not feel overwhelmed.

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I nearly burnt out recently since I left tons of vocab and so I just did all ~200 vocab lessons I completely regret it and don’t recommend it but I am alright also well done on 50 days! let’s get to 100!

2h using wk and bunpro?

that’s odd.

I do both every day and my max is 50min both combined.

Keep apprentice here on wk below 90 and for bunpro do 2 points per day and only do new grammar points when your % there is above 85%.

It is like a breeze for me so far. I even started watching anime with japanese subtitle :grin:

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