Jumping on the mystery writing bandwagon

Since there have been a few posts looking for help translating writing, I thought I’d add my own contribution. This was a gift from a japanese friend. She said it was calligraphy done by the head of a zen temple, given to a friend of hers in who made a donation to the temple. Any idea what it says? The second image is the covering on it, which I take to be the name of the temple and the name of priest who wrote it.

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I feel like the top right is 心 and the bottom right is 生, but I have no idea on the other two.


I kinda want to say the last two are 雲龍, though I admit I’m not massively confident of that. It is, however, one of the things that Myoshin-ji is known for.

But yes, the pink slip is the name of the current abbot (墨蹟 means it’s his penmanship). This he:


It’s 99% 白圭無玷

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What’s that, then?

Whats what?

What’s 白圭無玷?

Jisho’s coming up blank, and Google’s only giving me results in Chinese, even when I restrict it to the .jp domain.

Oh the definition. Its like “perfection” I believe. looks like 完全無欠であること is a rough definition

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