Hope it’s okay to make a thread for this. Someone is trying to identify the character on this necklace. It might not even be one used in Japanese, but… I’m curious. Mind you, it’s possible it could be flipped the other way.

I’ve tried doing the radical search on jisho and using Google handwriting input but 壽 is maaaybe the closest one I could get.

it’s backwards mind you. It’s the 寺 character for temple. you are right that it’s actually backwards flipped left to right.

But isn’t the top part different? There’s four horizontal strokes, not two.

I think it’s probably 寿, flipped. According to Jisho it means long life?

It’s probably the Chinese character for “how did you write this again?”



oh it is jyu or whatever as well as the first character of sushi, my bad. it’s “lifespan” lvl 35 here.

I asked a Chinese speaking friend (native) and she had this to say:

“It is an old style writing of 寿. It pronounces like ‘show’ and exclusively used with birthday and age, usually for old people or to describe the longevity of a thing, animals for example. When old people celebrate their birthday, you see it on the wall and on the cake sometimes.”

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