Share your Japanese Handwriting

Lately I’ve been curious about other people’s handwriting in Japanese. I found some topics in WaniKani but they’re not quite about sharing images and the like. So please reply to this thread with an image of your handwriting :wink:

Here’s mine


I don’t write stuff out yet, but your writing looks really pretty!


I went with the kana-only version because my kanji-writig sucks and I wasn’t too sure of some of the ones in the pangram.


You have nice handwriting! :ok_hand:

Thanks, hope you get to write soon :wink:

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I think I saw this earlier and forgot :joy:

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Also love the the kumamon pen :durtle_love:

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Thank you!

Having difficulties being regular, but that’s true of my latin handwriting too… Maybe being left handed doesn’t help?


I have difficulties with that, and the pen not writing if I try to write in the appropriate direction. I’m left handed too!

I’ll take a picture of some of my Japanese notes when I get home from work. I have… unique handwriting and have no idea if it’s legible.

My く looks ugly, and my す loop is to small. Bah.

I haven’t practiced kanji in so long it’s embarassing.


Uh, I put hiragana above. It’s a haiku from the 1860s. Here’s a picture from Hijikata-san’s poetry book.


I just learned the kanji 育、with this funny mnemonics (which I translated into Japanese, with mistakes probably …)


I practice my handwriting by making KaniWani with Japanese-Handwriting-Keyboard. This way I automaticly learn the stroke orders as well, because otherwise the keyboard won’t recognize the kanji!

Really, I think this method is great, because you use srs to learn stroke orders!

~T :lion:

BTW: This is not the normal Android Handwriting Keyboard, but the app “Google Handwriting Input”. The normal one is absolute crap :stuck_out_tongue:


I use an anki deck, because I have noticed that kanji recognition systems tend to be a little forgiving with stroke order

Is that the google keyboard? I tend to get pretty impatient / lazy when using that and try to see how stupidly illegibly I can scrawl on it and still have it be recognised xD (you’d be surprised :smiley:)

Some level 14 kanji I wrote. Writing the chinese characters out help me remember it.


Yeah, I already saw that I CAN write my kanji pretty sratchy.
But hey! I can draw them very nice (stylus pen) and if i am realy in a bad mood, I just hack them in very ugly :smiley:

And Yeah, sometimes it also recognizes wrong drawn kanji, but if I am not shure whether the input was right, the stroke-order diagram is just one klick away

My argument is that you get 2 in 1: the Englisch->Japanese Menaning and the handwriting

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Never even thought of that! I’ve been doing it with pen and paper for months (probably gonna keep it that way, I like pen and paper).

Now, a sample of my own handwriting:

It’s KW reviews, so it’s just random words that don’t form any sentence. I do also write down example sentences when I’m studying grammar, though.