(Hard) Help me decipher calligraphy


Hey o/
Someone asked me translate something for them, but the handwriting makes it hard to make out anything but bits and pieces to me and not even a lot of those.

をめ し と 之/え 一枚の太郎 重わ 居 の 気 舞う その 愛 走る

Help is much appreciated


they said it’s supposed to be a poem about two lovers under a ginkgo tree
so i could make out いちょうの as well but いちょうのwhat?? that kanji is impossible to read


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It seems to start 東国をめけんし and then something something と, though I admit to not being hugely confident of that second kanji. Been trying stick the bits that we have into Google to see if it’s a famous historical poem, but nothing’s coming up.

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Or something? I want to say that last question mark is a ん, but honestly not really sure about what じじ is supposed to mean, either. And that kanji before 気 :woman_shrugging:

I am seeing dakuten here. Maybe び?


陽気? :thinking:

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So I thought about that one, but I dismissed it… I was supposed be sleeping already though. Makes sense!

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thanks for the help everyone.

I could make out that this part means: いちょうの葉がひらひらと舞う。
Ginkgo leaves are fluttering down.


Still, nothing comes up on google though. So i think I’ll just leave it at that.
It would just take too long figuring the rest out. Thank you for the help though.

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I’m getting something about a cheerful autumn, a guy named Tarou tamakuba and two people?

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