Does anyone have an idea what this Kanji is?


I’m currently preparing for traveling to Japan this March by trying to read menus from Japanese restaurants. Finding Kanjis I don’t know using Jisho’s search by radical works really well, however, I wasn’t able to figure out what the Kanji to the right of 塩 in the picture below actually is. Does anyone maybe have an idea?

The picture is from this menu I found here on the web:



Thanks! This seems really likely. I guess I need more practise reading Japanese handwriting :joy:


That is what I thought, too, but that extra stroke part over the bottom cross threw me off. what little knowledge I have of shodou made me think that none of the strokes would end up there

Isn’t it the brush moving from the upper one to the lower one?

Like here, where it connects all the way.



Is that meant to be 辛?! That’s distressing.


Now that I know that 塩辛 is actually a thing, it’s less distressing, easier to recognize

Mm I’ve seen 塩辛い in an example sentence through grammar study so i recognised it, but if there are many handwritten kanji that divorced from typeface im gonna have a hard time i think…

Huh, I can only recognize a few simple kanji from the menu. I also fail to recognize the individual radicals so I can’t look them up either. Maybe I should start to use Jitai again…

Yeah, it’s cursive.

This is probably as good a place as any to ask and you seem to have a lot of experience with learning materials.

I’m looking at learning how to improve my handwriting since I write a lot of kanji, and I’d like to write neater but also faster so I was looking at doing it as a sort of pre-bedtime meditation thing.

Do you happen to know offhand of a good workbook covering a large chunk of kanji teaching stroke order/shape using quadrants or that kind of thing? A book I could gradually fill out using some kind of calligraphy pen would be ideal. Im looking it up myself but i wondered if youd already have a good recommendation.

I have a few handwriting books at home, so I’ll check the titles later.

Cheers. I figure if i learn to handwrite in a more “cursive” style I’ll have a better time reading stuff like this that looks somewhat divorced from the typeface versions.

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