JLPT N1 and Jōyō (常用) Kanji not taught on Wanikani

Hello everyone.

I would like to present the following memrise course which uses content created by myself and fellow WaniKani user sonsolo.

Course link

We believe this course will be highly beneficial, primarily to those who are a high level in WaniKani and wish to learn the remaining Jōyō Kanji not taught on WaniKani. This course also features many of the kanji required to take the JLPT N1 examination. A full explanation of why this course was created, what it contains, and explanations of abbreviations, terminology etc. can be found here Course details.
(PLEASE NOTE: Several of the vocabulary and mnemonics have NSFW contents, not limited to foul language and some sexual content.)

(PLEASE NOTE: Based on the varying information of JLPT N1 content, this course may not contain ALL JLPT N1 Kanji.)

One of the prime strengths of this course is that the majority of the vocabulary it contains has been run by Japanese residents. Using their knowledge we ordered from the most well-known/commonly used vocabulary to the least. This approach means that you can have confidence in the advanced vocabulary you are learning being usable.

A second strength is it uses WaniKani radicals/compound radicals to quickly help you learn new kanji using radical names you are familiar with.
(PLEASE NOTE: We are not affiliated with WaniKani in any way.)

TL;DR - 411 kanji, approx 800 vocabulary words, lovingly crafted mnemonics, WK radicals, with the majority of vocabulary checked by up to 43 Japanese citizens.

If you have any questions, spot any errors, or want to give feedback, feel free to do so in this thread or alternately send a message to our email address afterlife.kanji@gmail.com


How does it compare to @polv’s course?
(Does it have more/less kanjis, more/less focus on JLPT, etc)


Having a quick look, it would seem that our content is more JLPT focused. I quickly picked a few kanji from the top of his google doc spreadsheet 仄 and 佇 (neither of which are in our course) and looking at their entries on jisho.org, neither is JLPT or Joyo.

If you check through our course details you’ll be able to see the two resources we used to compile our kanji list. I’m not sure where @polv got their information from but I’d assume it’s from the core 10k and I’ll confess I know little of where the info for the 10k came from or how well it pertains to the JLPT.

Our course has a few more kanji and the kanji seem more relevant to the JLPT N1 test. By no means am I saying our course is perfect (actually feedback would be appreciated) and it is impressive what @polv has done, particularly if alone. But polv’s memrise course does seem a little bare. If you try out both courses you’ll probably be able to quickly see the differences.


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