JLPT N1 Kanji & Vocab

I love using Wanikani, and now that I’m approaching level 60 I’m thinking about the best way to continue studying kanji and vocab for N1. Afterlife JLPT N1 and Jouyou Kanji seems super nifty, but I’m bummed that they don’t include all of the N1 vocabulary words and I’ve never used Memrise before so I’m a little hesitant.

Are there any userscripts out there to add the remaining kanji and vocab? I love WaniKani so much that I’d be up for paying for custom development of something like this.

Any suggestions y’all?

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There’s a bunch of additional resources here: The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!

Maybe you’ll find something there that fits your need. I tried using Kanji Garden myself (they let you skip kanji you already know based on JLPT/Joyo level), but I got bored lol

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Thank you!

This was mentioned recently.

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This is so awesome – thank you so much!!

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