Lots of missing Jōyō kanji

Hi, I know I’m just at level 6 and I shouldn’t be thinking about JLPT N1 kanji yet, but I’ve found that there’s more than a hundred kanji in the Jōyō kanji list that WaniKani doesn’t teach, Are there any plans to get those Kanji into the app? If not does anybody have a workaround or Anki deck or something whith just those kanjis?
Of course I’ll not tray to lear those until Ifinished WaniKani (I hope next year), but just want to be sure.

It’s a diminishing returns thing - yes it would be nice to catch 'em all, but the remaining gross are the ones right at the bottom of the list of most-used kanji. They’re used so infrequently that there’s pretty fair odds you’ll never encounter them in the wild, and if the words they appear in are used, they’ll probably be spelt in kana. Sure, Japanese kids learn all of those kanji in school, but they also learn, say, how to do long division by hand.

There are anki decks out there that cover the remaining kanji, yes.


Here’s my Anki deck. This already contains all the missing jōyō kanji as well as a lot of jinmeiyō kanji and a few miscellaneous other kanji: Remaining Jōyō Kanji Anki Deck. This is my own personal study deck so it’s not perfect but I hope you find it useful.

I can’t speak for WaniKani but I recall reading once that many of the remaining kanji are only in the jōyō kanji set because they appear in Japan’s constitution.


If you want to learn all joyo kanji just to say you know all joyo kanji, that’s fine, I suppose, but knowing things like 朕 or 璽 or 勅 won’t be particularly impactful to being able to pass JLPT N1, even if someone said they imagine it’s a good idea to study all joyo for that. There are some joyo kanji that are just highly unlikely to actually show up on the test.