Jlpt 2018! (Results are now online!)


Thats some impressive stats! Congrats


Barely passed, but since I didn’t quite prepare as much as I should have, I’m fine with the result :smile:


I think i barely passed N5 but I am very happy i did! The listening was def the hardest for me, I thought it was a fast speed and there are no repeats.


Bit late to the party, but I only just checked my score cause I lost my registration number and only just found it :smiley:

As expected, I did pretty bad and failed. I hadn’t studied Japanese seriously for years and tried to cram for about two-three weeks in the evenings, which didn’t really work. I think if I took the test now I would pass. Not discouraged since this made me study a lot more than I would have without taking it, and still aiming for N3 this July! They don’t arrange it in here, but fortunately I’m in Japan to take it.


I just received my N4 passed certificate in the mail today - I am only half happy, because it has been folded in half and crumbled all over :angry: I built a giant “press” from a lot of A4 books hoping that would help. But I am pissed - why would anyone think it’s okay to just fold an A4 envelope in half? What did they think it was in an A4 envelope for in the first place?

I just wish everyone was that careful to do an excellent job, as the japanese :roll_eyes:

I hope everybody else got their certificates in a tip-top shape. If not … this is the time to be angry together, that helps sometimes :sweat_smile::unamused:


Oh my, that sounds really nasty! A bit more care and respect would surely have been nice.

I am wondering, maybe you can even iron the certificate? Heat and steam and pressure might do wonders. (I’ve done this a few times to remove dents from wooden furniture, and it works very well there.)

But please do get some more information before you actually do this - I don’t want you to burn or discolour your certificate that way… :worried:


The post office replied to my complaint, that they can’t serve “not foldable” packages, and if I want to avoid this in the future, I should get the papers between two thick sheets of carboard …

Thank you, that is a good idea! If the pressing doesn’t help in a few days, I am going to lay some cloth over it and try ironing :slight_smile:


I think that is how I received my last one but I’m not certain since it’s been a while. Since it is apparently up to the test location to send out the certificates, they should have done that.


I took N4 test, got 89 points and yes, 90 points was necessary to pass…
Almost perfect 50%


Yeah, I wrote to them too asking if I can come and get the certification in person next time to avoid this. Hopefully they will be nice and cooperative :slight_smile:


My certificate is a bit bent. But the good news is that my percentile rank is 87.2!


My percentile rank is 99.8 by the way.


So does that mean that there is 0.2 % of N4 participants that have a better 180-points-score than you do?

That feels a bit nitpicky on their side :joy_cat:


Percentile is how many people you scored better than. So that’s the max it could be.


Oh, so that means 0.2% of all N4 takers got 180 points? That makes much more sense, thank you :slight_smile:


Yes, exactly what @Leebo said. :slight_smile:


I took the N5 and passed. The Language Knowledge was 69/120 (nice). My overall score was 116/180, but in the reference section, I got all ‘A’.

What should I take away from this? (Besides studying more, lol)


I passed the n5. It was harder than I expected though


Ay just got the email confirmation that my certificate and score report has been sent out!
(Melbourne, Australia, if anybody is curious)


I got the email today as well as the certificate in the mail (in Melbourne Australia)!