Jlpt 2018! (Results are now online!)


ナイス!! So N1 in July?


Hey, I just felt like saying that I remember saying out loud in September of 2017, that being at the skill level where I could pass the N3 would make me so very happy. It felt like a nearly impossible goal at the time.

So maybe we aren’t quite newbies any longer. There are still higher mountains to climb, but we’re getting somewhere.

@Sidcaiyar: Amazing!


Definitely! I was very fortunate to be able to move to Japan this Feb so I should be able to take it there! They don’t offer it in July in Toronto unfortunately :frowning:


Nicely put

Let’s do it, friend. I’ll be here to push you if you feel down


You could always come to Edmonton :wink::wink::wink:


Truly amazing!! I wish I had your skill to do the test :’((


I failed N2 pretty baby, but then again I was expecting to. I knew I wasn’t even close ready. I did better than I expected to on vocab, grammar, and listening though… But boy did I bomb the reading section haaaard!

(Speaking of: Leebo, you said earlier it might say Failed if you missed a minimum sectional score, but I did in reading and it still says Not Passed for me.)


I think it might be the opposite? Because I passed all the sectional scores and missed only the whole one, and it says Failed for me.


Glancing back through some of the other posts, I think it’s probably where you took the test as to what it says in English rather than there being 3 outcomes. In Japan probably says Failed while outside probably says Not Passed.


A little late to the party but I passed!


Well done!


Thank you. I’m thinking about what to do from now on and I still can’t decide on taking N2 in July or December. I will definitely fail if I take it in July and I’m afraid that it will be too disappointing for me to move on.


I think failing is a super common thing for N2 and N1 so even if you failed it would show progress as long as your scores increased.

That’s at least what I’m planning to do later: I still like the idea of measuring my progress twice a year but I expect to fail a couple of times. As long as my scores keep going up I wold be ok with that.

But of course you know best what works for you.


I have kind of the same feeling with N3, though I might be closer to N3 than you are to N2. I you have a lot of time you can put into Japanese between now and July, why not try it? Do a practice test around sign up time to see if it’ll be worth your while, though.

In the Netherlands the test is only held in July, though I travelled to Paris to participate in the December test, because I really wanted to try it. We’ve still got some time to decide whether or not to go for July testing though. So in the meantime, all we can do is to keep studying.


Yes, you’re right. Seeing progress is very important so I guess I’ll take my chance.

I don’t have much time for studying but a practice test before sign up time is a great idea, thanks a lot.

The main reason I want to take it in July is that I can take it in my city, in order to take it in December I have to travel a bit.

Thank you both. Guess I’ll post my horrendous N2 results in August :joy:


Looking at your N3 score, I wouldn’t be so pessimistic about passing the N2 in July. Your Listening score is excellent, so you may not need to study much in that area, and if you continue WankiKani and make good progress, you’ll automatically learn a lot of the kanji/vocab. Reading was your weakest section (you still did better than me!) so rather than studying per se, just read as much Japanese as you can in the next few months.


And I was stressing about it a lot like many people above.

And this is the golden advice we should all focus on :flushed:


Either that or replace „reading“ with „listening“. I wish people would get subtitled while talking in real life…
But either way it is great to have the JLPT as a motivation to practice reading/listening now and not „ah, it will all happen eventually“.


It seems everyone is always most worried about listening and often this grade turns out high haha


Damn, Japan, why you gotta be so harsh? :joy: Seeing “Not Passed” seems better than seeing “Failed”