Jlpt 2018! (Results are now online!)


The points you’re making, I like them



Yes, N3!! Still a newbie, but not a complete failure anymore!


So, we have a deal? :star_struck:

Everybody else was doing it, I just wanted to be popular


You already are.


Thank you! Actually I don’t actively practice listening, I just like to watch Japanese dramas and anime. Recently I also found the joy of Japanese speaking Youtube!


:eyes: Hides behind N4 in shame


Wow, it’s been great reading through all of this! Massive congratulations to everyone who managed to pass, and sorry to everyone who didn’t :pensive:

To my enormous surprise, I passed N4! I wrote about it somewhere up there ^ after the exam, but was certain I’d fail purely on the basis of listening. I actually got an ok score in that in the end, as well as A, A, A in the other areas. I’m really proud of myself as I’d had such a tough time around then, and it wasn’t actually my original goal to pass in December. :blue_heart:

I’d started N3 material after the exam regardless, so looking forward to revisiting this stress and worry at the next level!


Last year in december I passed N3, and I decided to try N1 this year. I studied so much but I was really nervous… I’m so happy I passed!!
Language Knowledge: 55
Reading: 46
Listening: 39
Total: 140


Finally I was able to check my results, and I passed! Yay :tada:

I was so worried because of the listening section, but the result is actually really ok :slight_smile:


Yay, congratulations! :tada:

Maybe we all really collectively did so bad on the listening that it all worked out thanks to the adaptive scoring. But main thing is that we passed :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow, what a jump in so little time! Congratulations.


That’s what I had really really hoped for, especially after everybody wrote that they were surprised how many points they scored in listening after it having been so difficult :joy_cat:


I spent a week camping with no internet or mobile reception, but got back today to find that I passed N3. Phew. On to N2!!


I had to laugh when I remembered listening was multiple choice with only 3 options:

15/60 = 1/4 < 1/3. whoa hahaha




Should I go for N2 this July? Though I don’t really have the confidence to do so, when my WK reviews are currently suuuuuuuuuuuuper piling up to 1200++ items… idk how to make them to 0 anymore. T_T


no harm in working towards it, in any case! You have a nice streak going there!


You are amazing! Definitely try the N2!



合格したことを見て、本当にびっくりしましたよ!!うれしいですが、得点はあまりよくありませんね :laughing:


Failed N1 by 10 points. On to July.


Commiserations and hugs. Good luck for next time.

You must know more 日本語 than the most of us anyway!


I was torn between taking N1 and N2, and went with N2 after all because I generally take the safe route and didn’t want to risk failing N1 and having only N4 under my belt. Turned out I probably could have stepped a bit further out of my comfort zone…


Wow! Another perfect score! Now you can study for N1 with confidence! 感嘆符!