Jitai (字体): The font randomizer that fits


This seems fun:

Which fonts do you suggest?


Full disclosure: I haven’t actually tried any of them. Just found them half an our ago myself :rofl:

I also don’t know if a kanji with 10+ strokes would be legible in those fonts. There’s a reason why old games only used kana and very simple kanji. But I’ll certainly try some of them soon.


Worth mentioning, I think, is that old games in reality mostly used katakana due to technical constraints. Especially during the NES/SNES/GB era, screens were so low-res that even the curves of hiragana (let alone the complexity of kanji) were hard to achieve. There was also the limited memory, all of which added up to games having テイカイゾウド ノ カタカナ ダケ.


I started using it about a year ago when I started doing the majority of my reviews using the AliCrab app for Iphone.

It seems like it was using wilder fonts in the past and the fonts being used nowadays are a bit more conservative. Is there any truth to this, or am I just getting better at seeing through the font?


Jitai’s collection of fonts supported out of the box hasn’t changed, but it is possible that the developer of Mobile Allicrab (@cplaverty) has changed the collection of fonts the app ships with. If not, however, you’ve just gotten better! :grin:


I removed Armed Banana, which was a particularly adventurous font. The remaining fonts are fairly conservative because there’s no way currently to choose which fonts you want to use, and I wanted to ensure it appealed to the widest possible audience. I hope to make the font list more configurable in future, at which point I may re-add the more difficult fonts (but probably just not enabled by default).


I added Jitai but it’s not working and I don’t know why …


What browser do you use, and what userscript extension? If you click the userscript icon in your browser toolbar, is it enabled?


chrome and tampermonkey BETA and yes it’s enabled :slight_smile:


I’ve noticed with the Hoso Fuwa font, which is recommended on the gist, that the glyph for character 0x667A () is the same as the glyph for 0x77E5 (), which keeps tripping me up (unsurprisingly). I rather like the font, so I’d like to keep using it…

Does anyone have a version of the font that doesn’t have this issue? Or know a way to contact the person who made it? Or are they meant to be the same for some reason?



My guess is that the creator of the Hosofuwa font has not created a glyph for 智 yet and put 知 as a temporary glyph because it has almost the same meaning and reading. In fact, 智 is mostly used for names (人名用漢字) or when writing about Confucianism.

Your best bet is to contact the font maker. I don’t know the best way to do this, but they do have several social media links on their website at http://huwahuwa.ff-design.net/


Thanks. That makes sense. Perhaps it should be noted as a caveat next to the font on that gist?

Those links seem to just let me share the font on my social networks. I found them on Twitter, but they haven’t used it for a while.

Instead I’ve removed the glyph from the font (using Glyphs).


That’s a bit of a problem, isn’t it? I found this in the font’s readme:



If you find an incorrect or missing character or the like, I’d be glad if you left it in the font’s comment field.

So I suppose the right way to go about things is to post a comment on the font’s webpage! Good opportunity to put that Japanese to use.


Now, I have done it.

This font is PixelMPlus10 and PixelMPlus12.

Font types and recommendations for Jitai

That looks beautiful!


What about font gallery? What does it look like?

I finally can install all fonts. I make a gallery here.

The only one I use for Jitai is PixelMplus10.


Awesome post!

Thank you for experimenting with various fonts from http://sitebk.com/summary/bitmap-font/

That site has many bitmap fonts but not all of them are useful for Jitai. Some are too small, others are too pixellated, etc.


Can anyone confirm that this works with the most recent version of Firefox? It’s working for me in chrome, but does absolutely nothing in Firefox.


@Sextron Greasemonkey broke in the latest version of Firefox. Try switching over to Tampermonkey and re-add your scripts there.


@seanblue That did it. Thanks. Didn’t realize Tampermonkey was available for Firefox, too.