Jitai (字体): The font randomizer that fits


I just tried this out on my review session and it was quite refreshing. Thanks for this incredibly practical userscript!

I haven’t scoured this thread, so I apologize if this has already been mentioned, but I use the rikaisama extension all the time and the moving the cursor to the kanji or word makes it dangerously close to revealing the answer through a pop-up for me, and that did happen on a few occasions. If it was possible to extend the mouse detection range (perhaps even to the upper frame of the review screen) or allow a keyboard shortcut that would be fantastic.


Been using this since level 1, and it is absolutely awesome.  Thank you so much!


I just wanted to say I started using this and it is THE COOLEST THING! It’s so cool! It’s wild how different some of the kanji can look. Blows my mind! Thank you so much, @obskyr!

If anyone has any fonts not mentioned in the original post that they can recommend, I’m all ears.


Not only does this force me to think more in terms of radicals, but it also keeps reviews more interesting.
On the first day of using this, I already failed a burn because 帰 looked weird in the font.


One of the fonts Jitai uses, chifont+, has updated! There’s a new version of it out called Nchifont+. Naturally, since I can’t stay away from writing code for everything, I wrote a script to compare two fonts, see which glyphs are different, and make a comparison GIF of them. As it turns out, Chihaya (the author of the font) redrew nearly every kanji, which made for a ridiculously huge gif, so… I ended up having to basically throw that code out. Instead, I made the script output a comparison GIF for WaniKani’s first 225 kanji - check it out:

Since I put all this time into making this script… if you’d like a comparison gif between two fonts, I guess I take requests now :sweat_smile:

I don’t know about you, but personally I like the original chifont+! I appreciate that it’s wonkier than the more proper Nchifont+. Hand writing is often wonky, after all.

Anyway, this means a small update is coming in not too long, to support Nchifont+. I might add a few more fonts, even (more handwriting, anyone?), and I think I’ll see if I can extend the hover area a bit in accordance with @Inserio’s suggestion - Rikai-chan-kun-sama seems to be a fairly common browser extension.

Kanji usage frequency (books, news and Twitter)

You’re right, the new font seems to have more straight angles (meaning 0°, 90°) compared to the old one whose horizontal lines seem to angle at around 5°. I also prefer the old font, but the new one is not bad. Chifont is cozy and easy to read.


Thanks for this amazing extension! I wish I had it years ago when I started WK.

Just one problem, I can’t figure out where to download chifont+/Nchifont+. I followed the link on Github and wasn’t able to track the download down from there.


Ah, I’m so sorry, I noticed that… I just haven’t had time to update the link or the script. You can get it from here – use the lower download link, as that’s for chifont+. You could also download Nchifont+, but you’d have to add it manually to the script.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the script otherwise! :blush:


I just installed it, so I hope this works!


It would be so great if someone could make a megazip with all of these fonts included…


That would mean exerting more than the minimum amount of energy me not being a lazy person and actually putting in some effort… maybe someone else will though?


So, I added one too many fonts. One of them I absolutely hate, as its unrecognizable for me and slows my reviews down as I have to hover over it EVERY TIME, and I want it off my computer.

Where can I go to delete it? This thing is awful:




I actually love that one because it’s how people can scribble kanji on paper. But in case you want to delete it - you’re looking for ArmedBanana.


Yo @Heiopei, why in the world did you change the thread title? What’s up?


Someone actually did, but it’s been deleted by now. I’ve skipped doing that in order to respect all the licenses of the different fonts so far, though I can’t recall if there was any font with a “no redistribution” clause… Perhaps I should take a look at that if I find the time.


Kanji and Kana in thread titles have been causing some issues lately. But I won’t change it back again if you don’t want that.


I love you.


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Is there a font for pixelated Kanji, like in GameBoy?


Try one of these: