Jitai (字体): The font randomizer that fits


Is there any way to use Jitai with Safari on Mac?


Just use TamperMonkey for Safari.


Indeed, that worked. Maybe someone could update the stickies post at the top of the thread to say so?


Done! Hoping for Greasemonkey to fix their stuff soon…


Whoa, check out this weird rendition of “栄”:

What in the world

I looked it up, and it seems the kyūjitai kanji got simplified to the shinjitai kanji 栄. So the 炏 radical – fire – got simplified to ⺍, which usally means “small”. Interesting.

Apparently this means this font, Nagayama Kai, uses kyūjitai kanji (at least occasionally)! Wonder if it’d be a good idea to add more kyūjitai fonts…


It took me quite a bit a to get it to work, but I was finally able to.
It’s hella great!! Thank you very much form making this, it’ll help a lot.

I do have one recommendation (provided it wasn’t given before), there should be a keyboard hotkey to toggle between the base WK font and the ones Jitai puts. That way users don’t have to drag their hand all the way to their mouse. Just a tip, thought! It may be already implemented and here I am, rambling.


I just can’t believe how fun this is. THANK YOU for this script!!


I’m super glad you like it! What was difficult in getting it to work? If it’s not particularly easy, maybe I could improve that.

As for the keyboard shortcut - that’s been discussed a few times already. The reason Jitai doesn’t have a keyboard shortcut is fairly simple: a keyboard shortcut is too easy to subconsciously abuse. It’s too easy for it to become a reflex, hitting the key every time you have even a little trouble reading a kanji… which defeats the purpose of the script. Trying to figure out difficult fonts is part of the learning process, so circumventing that shouldn’t come too naturally.


Hey @obskyr,

Is there a way to check the fonts the script is using? I downloaded some pixeled ones (PixelMPlus) but they are not appearing during reviews so i’m wondering if the script is displaying all the fonts I have installed.

Thanks, have a nice weekend!

EDIT: Oh, looking at the script I realized that you might have to ADD the fonts manually to the array of fonts (mine wasn’t on the list). I just added the name and it works perfectly. I was going to delete the comment but I guess I’ll leave it just in case it can be useful for someone. :smiley:


Care to take some screenshots of the font?



I don’t think is THAT useful because it basically looks like a retro videogame, but I love it. I’d like to play and be able to read retro games anyway.


In addition to the ones @dbuendia took, there are also some in a post made earlier by @polv.


I’ll just leave this here then; hold CTRL to use normal font.

I can see the whole argument for it being too easy or whatever using a keypress instead of mouseover, but I for one am a poweruser who sees the mouse as nothing more than a necessary evil that should be avoided if at all possible. To each his own!


I can’t thank you enough!

I’ve gone and added the mods you made, and also added @dbuendia’s font recommendation, love me some retro games.

You guys rock. Thanks again!!


Cool. This is exactly what the fork feature is all about. :grin:

Regarding the “the mouse […] should be avoided if at all possible” part, though: that’s the point! Moving your hand to use the mouse is troublesome, and thus makes you think twice before checking the normal font.


It’s not so good for people with repetitive strain injuries or who are trying to avoid repetitive strain injuries, though.


Wow, that’s so much more disorienting than expected. Ultimately, my students’ fast handwriting is infinitely more impossible to read, but I can’t blaze through reviews now, which will help with my accuracy. I normally review so fast that I don’t have time to “Ignore” for typos. :expressionless:

A definite keeper for me. :smile:


If your wrist is injured, then yeah, I suppose you’re in the minority to whom a keyboard shortcut would do more good than harm. If not, though, I doubt using the mouse is gonna do that to you - unless you check the normal font for every item, perhaps. Which I hope you aren’t. :scream:


Very cool!
I have tried to find the info on re-order scripts, but this is a long thread… :frowning:
Does it work with any? I’m using a mac&safari and “Wanikani Review Order”. Once I klick on “Single Mode” ie meaning and reading paired I only get a single alternative font (sort of just a bolder one).


It works with Reorder Ultimate. I haven’t heard of the one you’re using - link it here and I’ll see if I can update Jitai to work with that one too!