I can't get Jitai working please help me ;-;

I have downloaded Jitai onto tampermonkey, downloaded the supported fonts, made sure they were as instructed in the script edit thingy etc. So the problem is it just makes the kanji on the write in English enter meaning part of reviews bold and that’s it, other scrips do work on the dashboard and I’ve been googling and scrolling for hours and I just don’t know what I’ve got wrong ! :joy:

I’ve installed about 15 fonts now including that armed banana one but nope only thing happening is the same bold every time, please let me know if you have any idea how to fix it! !:joy:

Also yes I have refreshed the page after installing, and done 2 sets of reviews but it seems to only show up as normal bold every time ._.

(I have also asked the creator this same question but I’m sure they are busy so I thought I’d ask here too)

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I haven’t used Jitai in a while but let’s maybe start with getting more details. Maybe there’s something we can find that way.

  • Which operating system and browser are we talking about?
  • Could you post screenshots?
  • Did you have a look at the browser console and can you see any errors there?
  • Did you try disabling all other userscripts and only running Jitai?
  • Did you try a different browser?
  • Do the fonts that you installed actually work? Can you use and see them in e.g. Word or something like that? Or you could test them in your browser directly, even better (random google result, did not test it myself: https://typezebra.com/ )

Its Windows 10 and Google chrome (both fully updated) sorry I forgot to say initially, no I can’t see any errors, yes Jitai was the first one I tried to use so I only had wanikani openscript and jitai at first but it was still doing the same thing. Honestly I’ll only use chrome as I’m not a fan of the other browsers, yes the fonts I installed worked when I tried to change the defaults on google and looked at twitter in Japanese the writing in the bios and links became whichever font I had selected.

Here is a screenshot, they all look like this kind of every other answer, thanks for helping :slight_smile:

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Something or other is working like jitai would but not entirely, see when I hover over the bold it goes back to normal like I am told jitai does!

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Ok so the script is running but it is either not detecting the fonts ob your system or something else is going on. There is an explanation about how to see which fonts jitai detects in the jitai thread:

Could you give this a try? That’s at least what I would do next if I had this issue.

And I guess you also did try things like restarting chrome and (while we’re at it :wink: ) your PC once just to rule that out as a cause?

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In a super unrelated side note I‘d like to mention that I enjoy the color scheme we got going on here. Your fancy purple hair, blue level 26 badge, my non fancy blue avatar, purple 26 badge and then the vocabulary screenshots wirh even more purple (or is it violet? no idea) - I like it :grinning:

I had that same hair color when I was half as old as I am now. I‘m almost feeling a bit old now


I’ve solved it now (did a little while back but had to wait for reviews to test) the problem was my computer putting “regular” after each font name in the files when I installed them so I wrote them in so it matched exactly and now it works great :slight_smile:

haha thanks, I’ve had blue and purple hair most of last year and also I am probably older than I look I will be 22 in May! Did you watch the anime your penguin profile picture comes from? I actually rewatched it twice! polar bear’s cafe was one of my favourite anime when I started out still like it a lot its very funny :slight_smile:

Anyhow cheers for the help you said a lot of useful stuff :slight_smile:

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Ah that is good to hear, I’m glad that you were able to solve it!

I always tried getting into Anime since it would be so convenient for learning Japanese but it is just not my thing. Shirokuma Cafe is the only exception and I’ve also watched it twice. Except the last episode which I haven’t watched yet because I don’t want it to end and that one unexpectedly super sad episode because I cried a little too much when I watched that one. I also have a subs2srs Ankideck

I‘m in my mid thirties and my life is easier now with a „pretending to be an adult“- hair color… But I really love your blue & purple. Maybe one day when I’m retired I will turn into a strange old lady with blue and purple hair :wink:


Oh no I forgot to reply to this I am so sorry ;-;

Awww me too it had me crying while laughing throughout and also at the end haha :slight_smile: Ahh I see well I can recommend you some “not very anime” shows if you would like, just off the top of my head I can think of two that may perhaps be interesting to you as they do not have any overly silly cliches etc :slight_smile:

Firstly I would recommend Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu (which has a second season finishing the story). This is a brilliant anime set years and years ago in Japan surrounding the lives of the protagonist s trying to pursue rakugo, a traditional storytelling art form nearing extinction as the times move on. It has brilliant plot, and this will definitely make you cry but I loved hearing the famous rakugo stories being told! (the first episodes are long but return to 20 minutes after that and the story is really worth watching).

Secondly there is an anime about a young man who has joined a team writing a Japanese dictionary called Fune wo Amu. I thought the process was incredibly interesting and I learned a lot of new vocabulary, they also include an extra vocabulary word in each episode to somewhat describe or summarise the tone of the current events in the show! Again nothing silly in this show, the protagonist is a lovely man who comes out of his shell and becomes more happy despite still remaining a quiet person :slight_smile:

Sorry if I have gone on for no reason I really love my anime I have seen over 700 in total, some with a few hundred episodes :joy:

Ah yes unfortunately I now too have “pretending to be an adult” brown hair, my natural is blonde but the hairdresser lied to me about the blue coming out easily (she even took a chunk of my hair and “tried it out” after checking it initially and guess what she was happy to take £100 to ruin my scalp for 4 hours and it did not come out).

Haha yeah I will definitely be like that too, my grandma’s friend has a bright red fringe at 80 years old :smiley: I have just got accepted to uni for a masters in Japanese to English translation starting in September and I cannot wait to put my hair back to “normal” / evergreen tree green and blonde :joy:

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