Japanese Windows IME Hotkeys


I got a bit fed up with clicking the little symbol at the bottom right of my screen every time I wanted to switch between the hiragana and English alphabet and found some pretty nifty hotkeys, so I wanted to share. Here you go!

Alt + Shift = Shift between all your keyboard languages options
Alt + Caps = Set Japanese writing to Katakana input
Ctrl + Caps = Set Japanese writing to Hiragana input
Alt + ~ = Switch from Japanese alphabet to English alphabet

I got these from here if you want to look at the other nifty hotkeys. I hope I made your day a little easier. :slight_smile:


I’ve actually found these to be reversed for my IME. Alt + Caps gives me hiragana, while Ctrl + Caps gives me katakana.

Also, while Alt + Shift does switch between my keyboard languages, it doesn’t give me any indication that it’s done so (I spent a couple minutes trying it but not sure if it was working because there wasn’t a visual cue on my screen for the switch before realizing it just didn’t have one). I use Windows + Space to swap between my languages because it gives me a nice little pop up to show the languages I have and which one is currently selected (very handy for anyone with more than one IME installed).

But thanks for the link to the others, I’ll check it out!


:eyes: :thinking: Am I missing something?

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Those shortcuts work for the built-in windows IME.

The Google IME uses different key combinations.

Alt + ~ and ALt + Shift behave the same
Alt + Caps and Ctrl + Caps sre reversed

I’ve also got mine set to replace hiragana with katakana when i hold the shift key.


Aha, yes, I should have clarified. I’m using Windows IME, not Google. Thanks, Blade.

Edit: I probably forgot because the link just lists hotkeys/shortcuts for the ‘Windows IME’ and I assumed it was the same as what I’m using lol


For me works like this (Microsoft IME):
English + Alt + Caps => Hiragana
English + Ctrl + Caps => Hiragana
Hiragana + Alt + Caps => Katakana
Katakana + Ctrl + Caps => Hiragana
Hiragana or Katakana + Alt + ~ => English


Woops, I switched those around. Fixed them! :slight_smile:

Also helpful, at least with Google IME, hitting F7 while typing will convert hiragana to katakana, I find it easier than switching back and forth between modes!


I always use ALT + º key (Don’t know how it’s called) to switch between both hiragana and romaji but I had no idea I could select katakana only.

I have a Spanish keyboard so things might be different.

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This is incredibly helpful! I was getting annoyed with clicking the toggle button as well, thanks for sharing!

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