Japanese IME: Starts on Romaji?

For a long time now, I’ve had this problem. Every time I switch to the Japanese IME on my computer it is by default in romaji, and I have to go through several clicks to get it onto hiragana. Anyway I can fix this?

Also, while you’re here, I seem to have a problem writing in Katakana. Some have suggested that holding shift or engaging the caps lock is how you write in katakana, but this doesn’t work for me, and I have to hit the space bar quite a few times to get a katakana output.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Edit: Sorry for not posting this in the sub-categories, I realised my mistake too late.


alt+grave/tilde (`/~) to switch between english and kana
alt+caps lock to switch to katakana
ctrl+caps lock to switch to hiragana
source: https://nihongoperapera.com/typing-in-japanese/windows-keyboard-shortcuts.html


I only have to click one to get from romaji to hiragana, though it would be nice if it could come up in hiragana to begin with. That said, it only comes up romaji the first time I switch keyboards after loading a program - after that, it’s always hiragana for the same program.

Fast way to switch everything you typed into katakana on the run is to push F7. F6 puts it back to hiragana.

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Thanks for the help everyone! :smiley:

For me on Windows 10

CTRL+CAPSLOCK: Switch to Hiragana
ALT+CAPSLOCK: Switch to Katakana
ALT+~ or SHIFT+CAPSLOCK: Switch to romaji

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Huh, I didn’t know that ALT+~ would switch it. I had just been using SHIFT+CAPSLOCK, which does the same thing.

Interesting, I had no idea about that shortcut, it’s pretty easy to use and for people who don’t have a keyboard with ~

the more the merrier!

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