Japanese Whatsapp Group for beginners (JLPT N5)

I’d like to create a japanese whatsapp group to share ideas on how to learn japanese and to practice by writing each other. I think it would be fun to create a little community this way and study together. If you are interested write me your phone number and I’ll add you to the group. Please send your number to zazzlz@yahoo.com

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oh and please also give me your name so i can save you in my contacts. btw I’m Sarah from germany :smiley:

It looks like no one uses WhatsApp on the forum! I hear it’s a popular thing in Germany. We have a few groups that use things like Line or Steam, maybe you could try joining one of those. I’m pretty sure they are still in use, I’ll find some links for you if I can.

[Edit] Here is the Line group: https://community.wanikani.com/t/LINE-WaniKani-Group-Chats/7030
Here is the Steam group: https://community.wanikani.com/t/About-thea-WaniKani-Steam-Group-WaniKanians-Unite/12044
Another Line group: https://community.wanikani.com/t/Multilingual-Wanikani-Chat-Group/8051