How to set input to katakana with Caps Lock on?

It’s been about half a year since I got Japanese text input installed, and I’ve seen people say they write katakana by setting Caps Lock on. But when I press Caps Lock while it’s set to Japanese input, it only switches input method between romaji and hiragana. To use katakana, I have to first write stuff in hiragana, then while it’s highlighted, press F7 to convert it.

I’d like to know how to use Caps Lock for writing in katakana, because it’s easier to reach than the F7 key while typing.

windows, it’s alt+capslock to go to katakana and shift+caps to go back to hiragana

Caps Lock is something that works with WK’s built in IME. It’s not something that will affect your computer’s IME.

I tried that, but nothing happens. I’m on Windows 10.

Oh, it’s Wanikani only? Well, then. Never mind, in that case.

you are in IME mode right? win key+space to choose the ‘keyboard IME’. i don’t actually bother with it for wanikani since the answers are both in katakana and hiragana…but i’m lazy.

Isn’t it ctrl+caps lock to go back to hiragana?

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for whatever reason on win 10 MS IME that doesn’t work for me. also just recently figured out the combo in win 10 for reselecting a recently chosen conversion is ctrl+backspace.

lol just tried and ctrl+caps as works well…whatever. I read the version i use somewhere and that’s the combo i’ve stuck to for a long while now (plus hitting alt+caps a second time for roman letters)

Ah, makes sense. Yeah, when I do shift+caps lock it changes to roman letters, like so:
This is sentence!

This is one of the things I find works better on a Mac than it does on a PC, or at least more conveniently. But then, the iOS Japanese keyboard is a horror show imho, so cancel my Apple Fanboy Magazine subscription.

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