Japanese IME + privacy

Hey everyone,

I’ve been wondering if there’s any japanese IME that respects yout privacy?
I’m kind of lost on this so any info would be nice.
Thank you

Google IME?

That’s actually the one I’m using but I’m lot sure I really understand
their privacy policy so I was just checking with you guys

Can you define what you mean by ‘respects your privacy’ then?

Something along the line of « don’t send the words I type to a server »

I use the Windows one, it’s pretty convenient.

If you check the FAQ (bottom of this page ) for the Google IME it says something to the effect of:

Will the characters I enter be sent to Google?

No. Words and sentences entered through Google Japanese input will not be sent. Please refer to the Help for more information.

Note: This is the translation my browser gave me for that section

So unless that’s an outright lie, you’re good with that one.


I can’t set hiragana conversion as default in windows IME so it’s a no-go
for me
Going from japanese to english a zillion time a day is really a pain when
you have to add another key stroke combination

What exactly would “hiragana conversion” be? As someone who just uses the Windows IME without changing anything.

When you’re typing in ENG and want to switch to JAP (or the other way around) you press ALT+SHIFT.
You’re then using the windows IME which, by default is set to write latin characters. By pressing CTRL + LOCK (or right clicking) you set the conversion method to hiragana/katakana which means typing ohayou results in the following output in the text field: おはゆお
From what I understood by searching on google and tinkering the settings menu, you can’t have this as the default behavior of microsoft IME. This probably looks like something trivial to most people but when you’re switching from ENG to JAP every 3 words, an additional keystroke combination is a huge waste of time.

EDIT: I just found out that Google’s resets to romaji default too u_u

I use Mozc. I understand that it is in some way related to google’s IME, but it is open source and it has a tab in its settings where there are some controls on what data it stores etc.

With a brief search, I couldn’t find the source code of Google’s IME anywhere, and I found a lot of pages describing Mozc as an open source version of Google’s IME, which suggests to me that Google’s source code isn’t available anywhere. Therefore, there is no way to really know what it’s doing. Their privacy policy may say that they don’t send characters you type to Google, but if there is no way for an independent party to verify how robustly they’re implementing that, then you only have their word. Also, not sending characters you type is one specific kind of data they say they aren’t harvesting, have they promised not to (for example) harvest frequency data of the words you use, or any other data about you?

As for the hiragana conversion thing, in Mozc, it defaults to Latin characters, but you only have to change it back to hiragana one time when you start your computer. There is also a way to change the default to hiragana, but it requires editing the source code and compiling it yourself.

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Kudos to you sir

I use Alt+` and I can switch from romaji keyboard to hiragana and back. I’m not sure what issue you were having. I never have to switch to the actual ENG keyboard. Yes, I do have to switch it from ENG to the Japanese input when I start the computer.

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You can - I had it set to default for years.

However, I can’t remember how I did it. :confounded:

all our hopes fall on you

Actually I wrote ENG but I use another language (I thought mentionning my own language would add another layer of complexity to my speech) so I can’t just switch from romaji to hiragana like you do, I have to ALT SHIFT to switch languages and when I switch back to japanese it’s often reset to romaji.

I don’t know about on google IME but Microsoft can certainly be set to default to kana entry. It’s a setting in the IME properties


Microsoft itself says it can’t (I can’t find the other thread I read about that where it was also stated clearly).

EDIT: I forgot to draw a square around what I was trying to highlight but it’s the input method. Also I just read the microsoft answer you linked and they only talked about default behavior and nothing else. They don’t claim you can’t do it (plus I would hardly trust a Microsoft support rep to answer a question, all they know is how to copy and paste an answer that may vaguely resemble the question asked).

Yes, I know this menu and no it doesn’t work.
But thanks for thinking I came here to ask without even having right click
the option menu. Really feels like respect.
If it works at your house, fine. Maybe my computer is special (has numerous
over people on the internet apprently including PCs at Microsoft).