Items not moving out of review pool after doing them

So… I did all of my reviews and then 15 minutes later I noticed I had reviews again. When I was doing the second set of reviews I realised that I had these were the reviews which I had just done + my new ones. So I cleared these all off again (picture 1 shows 0 reviews). Then I refreshed and waited to see if it happened again. When my next set of reviews came up I checked these (as in picture 2) and they are still in my review pool (I’ve done them 3 times now).

Also clicking “home and start review session” seems to be changing the numbers?

See Self-resurrecting items!? - #48 by RedAgent14

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same problem … just began the last few weeks … really frustrating!

Yup that seems about right :frowning:

Just logged onto my phone and this is showing 0 hmmmm

Yeah this was happening yesterday and stopped, but now it’s happening again.

I’ve been redoing vocab the whole day, and the pile is just growing larger. :confused:

You don’t actually have to redo them. There’s just a delay in them getting cleared out of your queue.

We have a fix underway. It needs to go through testing first, but it should remedy this problem once and for all. We really appreciate your patience and understanding.

Just to clarify. Are you seeing repeats when you do your actual reviews or are you just basing whats coming up by using the timeline script?

Note: The fix I am referring to is the discrepancy between the API information the third-party timeline script is being fed with to the review state we display on the website. This doesn’t affect your complete reviews.

Maybe I should wait to do my 145 reviews then… so that I don’t have to do them again at 11pm when my 5 new items appear…

Your reviews should be fine. It’s been registering fine for all but a very very minute few ever since the situation cleared up 24 hours ago.

So please contact us directly if you are experiencing an issue. If you aren’t, then just continue on with your reviews.

If this is the case can you shoot me an email at with a list of vocabulary repeats and a general timeline of when this was happening?

Um… I guess I’ll try it with 20 or so first. I haven’t really been on top of them in the last week, which is why I haven’t noticed anything (yet?).

EDIT: I know we’re already dealing with both this & synonyms in the PMs, but to help you track this problem:

Post 1 -

Post 2 -

I think mine have been fine today but to clarify the repeats were happening with my actual reviews not just those on the timeline script. So I was completing them and then having to do them again 15 minutes later :slight_smile:

Most people trying to explain the situation to me or anybody else who’s affected seem to have a very different idea of what’s going on. I have over 150 reviews ATM, which is not okay (They should be at less than 50 based on how many I’ve done). They do NOT disappear if I wait long enough. Also, say I do 40 reviews out of my 150 review pile, then I get tired and do something else… you know what’s gonna happen. I start doing the same 150 reviews again and have no control over which ones appear.

Saying ‘you don’t have to do them’ is not helpful. I DO have to do them. :confused:

Can you check your PM?

Currently trying to debug this further with Viet, guys. I think it’s affecting my Master items. Not 100% sure if it’s only Mastered items, though.

Same. All the items that go to Masters pop up again and again. Can’t say if it’s only Master either, but it looks that way.

Nope. There are others too. Just had several items I failed today, some moved to Enlightened, some got burned. They should be at Guru now.
One that got burned was the radical “farming”.

Can you me a shortlist of items affected?

And are you using scripts?

It would help us tremendeously if you provide us some details so we can investigate this.

So far I have monitored and shared the results of several people’s sessions who say they have had issues and none of them exhibited any after going through them.

I’m using Vivaldi.
I have no Wanikani related extensions, I use the following extensions: Adblock Plus, Amazon Assistant, Chrome Remote Desktop, CookiesOK, Disable HTML5 Autoplay, Ecosia, Enhanced Steam, Habitica, Page Monitor, Pinterest Save Button, Reddit Enhancement Suite, uBlock, URL in title.
I also have the android app on my phone, but I rarely use it. Didn’t use it today.

Some burned items I could recall from today that I encountered at least twice (some of them I failed the first time) as follows.
部屋 (room)
睡眠 (sleep)
意 (idea)
農 (the radical “farming”)
段々 (steps)
残 (remainder)

Thanks for the info.

Your browser extensions are fine. I should have prefaced asking if you were using any third-party WaniKani specific extensions.