New item stuck in lessons?

It shows that I only learned 31/32 of the level 1 vocabulary, but when I click on the start session button to start the lone vocab, it just reloads this same screen? I’ve tried different browsers, refreshing, restarting my browser, everything, and it’s still there… Any ideas?

How long did you wait before refreshing? Sometimes the last item hangs for a bit, and after 5 minutes, a refresh will take and you’ll see it.

After long reviews I usually have to refresh to see all the items I just reviewed, instead of most, often with 2-5 missing depending on how many reviews total I did. (I think the same happens for lessons).

What’s your operating system & Version, and which browsers did you try?

Your first tip worked xD I should’ve just been more patient…l it’s all good now.

Glad it worked out for you. : D

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