Is there something you know you should practice but you don't?

Speaking, listening, and producing my own Japanese. Pretty much the only thing I’m somewhat okay at is reading, and I’m not even great at that. I just started reading my first light novel and I’m not even 20 pages in yet and it’s been hell. I’m over 3 years in at this point and I can tell this is going to be a long journey…


I need to practice reading. I’m kind of at a place where my grammar’s still not great but I know a lot of kanji, so if only there were simple books that used Kanji I’d be golden but all the ones written like I can understand don’t use any. I’m trying to play through Pokémon Ranger in Japanese. I didn’t know until I bought the game that it’s 100% in hiragana/katakana. I can read some, enough to kind of know where to go, but a lot of it is completely unintelligible. Just long strings of kana. Doesn’t help that I don’t know any of the Pokémon’s’ names.

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Speaking T_T… But I want to finish Wanikani first T_T … I have a language partner and his English is way better than my Japanese, it is so embarassing. >__<

Speaking to real alive humans.

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Zenbu :stuck_out_tongue:


Tried that and it seems useful. However, word of warning. I was answering using Japanese keyboard on iPhone and all the answers were coming up as false. I was puzzled as they looked this same as the answer given. Eventually I swapped to using English keyboard and then those answers were accepted.

Here’s one specifically from Genki. Genki – Verb/Adjective Conjugation Practice

They also have a bunch of videos and other resources that go along with the textbooks.

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Yep. 100% speaking. I’m more just more comfortable sitting at home studying or immersing tbh. :pleading_face:


I’ll look into that as a Japanese keyboard should be working also.

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