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Japanese conjugation is crushing me. Please help.

I’m primarily looking for conjugation drills via apps or websites were I can get feedback. I’ve tried Don’s Japanese Conjugation which is good but a harder than what I’m wanting. I’ve tried Random Verb Conjugation Practice which doesn’t always have the kana, and when I’m trying to focus on conjugation, having to look up the pronunciation for words I don’t know hinders the purpose of the exercise.

The closest thing I’ve found is Japanese Conjugation Practice which, while I like a lot, doesn’t allow me to do more than basic conjugation practice.

I’m a little frustrated. Any websites, resources, or advice on how or where to improve my conjugating skills? Anything you have would be appreciated.


How about


Have you tried this one:


Yeah this is a great site. They have a lot of different types of practice drills including counters too

This one was developed by a fellow student at my school!


I haven’t thought to do more than superficial practice in grammar thus far. Thanks everyone! I’ll be sure to check out those resources and give conjugation practice a go! :slight_smile:

I haven’t I’ll check it out today. Thank you!

I’ve looked at this one, but I’ll try using it again.

At first I thought a like was enough, but this one is truly such a nice page for practicing conjugation! Thank you for suggesting this! :smiley:

Until now I didn’t even know that たり could be used with adjectives and nouns as well! :sweat_smile:


Yeah I just added the tari conjugations for adjectives :slightly_smiling_face:


Glad it helped. :smiley:

Yeah just remember it doesn’t really act any differently.

  • With nouns you use the copula and just conjugate that.
  • NA adjectives are basically nouns with NA so it’s the same as the above. That’s why I prefer the term “adjectival nouns” for these. Or 形容動詞 since it includes the 動.
  • I-adjectives include the “-is” part and conjugate just like verbs. I think of these as 形容詞 because the 動 is implied. :wink:

Awesome work. It’s my favorite conjugation site of the ones I have bookmarked. :smiley:


That’s a great app you’ve made, amazing work! :slightly_smiling_face: I’m always getting confused with passive form, now I know where to practice.


I’ve started using this one as part of my daily study. This is an awesome website. Thank you for recommending it!

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