Adjective and Verb Conjugation pronunciation Practice

Hi, does anyone know of either a good Anki deck or app to practice adverb and verb conjugation. I’m fine with the te and ta forms it’s more the causative, passive and using naru, especially the naku naru form. It takes me ages to figure out what to say, before I can say it, and then when I do figure it out it takes ages to actually leave my mouth correctly. For example 痛くnaku naru, I had to have about 6 attempts at this. I feel that having to think about the conjugation is painful for the listener and I would like to do some structured drill practice on my own to try and speak faster. I thought about making some sort of spreadsheet, but wanted to ask if anyone else knows of anything I could use to practice with. I believe Miku Sensai has an anki deck which does this but I don’t want to pay for her stuff as I prefer to have lessons.

It is really the speaking side I’m after not the written side of this, as I seem to be able to do that well. It’s actually trying to bring my mouth to party which is the difficult thing at the moment. Hence the pronunciation.

Does anyone have an ideas?

Hmmm :thinking: I don’t know about an Anki deck but have you heard of conjugation drill tools, there are a couple different ones I know of you can see here:

Obviously they don’t test for how you read them out, but I guess just speak each one as it comes up? :woman_shrugging: Maybe there are some resources that include some audio to repeat, but ultimately the best practice for that would probably just be more speaking practice through iTalki or something, if you’re not able to speak with natives.


I’d second Katsu: practise Japanese conjugation - 活用 - I found it really helpful.

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Don’s Japanese Conjugation Drill is just what you need!

So funnily enough, I had been working on adding speech support to my conjugation drill which I’ve just made live.

It doesn’t listen to your speech but instead speaks the given form to you. The challenge is that you’ve got to remember what was said as well as make the change which means that you’ll have to rely on audio memory.


Oh, こわいい :cold_sweat: Just gave it a try, wasn’t expecting Alex to sound demonic!
Do you have a recommended voice?

Edit: Okay, tried Kyoko, she was much nicer.



I’ve only tried it using Windows Edge (Chromium) and so the only online Japanese one was the best for me:

Microsoft Nanami Online (Natural) - Japanese (Japan)

Thanks for this information, all of the resources are great. I think at the moment Katsu 活用- conjugation is ahead, just because of the speech function.

Definitely going to try and use it on a daily basis and get more comfortable with conjugating quickly and more naturally, rather than thinking about for it for ages. Generally, I seem ok with the writing side of it but when it comes to the pronunciation I seem to want to add more syllables in the middle of the word! Hopefully, this is just a phase and something which will disappear with practice.


Sounds like the right attitude to me :sparkles: 頑張って

Yeah, some of these conjugations can become tonguetwisters! Yesterday my teacher said even Japanese people pause when they have to use the causative-passive.

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