Looking for conjugation recognition practice

As I’m trying to consume more and more Japanese content, I’m finding that I really struggle to quickly understand conjugated verbs without stopping to break them down. I can recognize what verb it is, and with some thought I can eventually figure out what form it’s in, but it’s really not a natural process at this point. Of course consuming more content is a solution to this, but I’d really like some way to practice verb recognition specifically to get that nailed down. I think it’d improve my overall comprehension a lot!

I’ve used resources like Katsu: practise Japanese conjugation - 活用 and they’re very helpful for getting used to producing the conjugations on my own, but I’m really suffering with recognizing them in practice. Anyone know of any good resources I could use for this? Really all I’d need is random verbs conjugated into random forms without it immediately telling me what form it’s in. Any suggestions are much appreciated! :grin:

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In my opinion, you just have to keep doing it. In the beginning, it will be a slow process. But you are eventually recognising the forms. You just have to keep on doing it.


Sometimes you just need lots of exposure to real-world texts. Join one of the book clubs. :slightly_smiling_face:


Of course, I’m not looking for a replacement or magic solution or anything, I just thought a bit of more focused practice would be nice! I tend to learn well that way :grin: I do appreciate the insight though, and I definitely plan to keep reading and listening more. I actually started reading ハイキュー!! with the Beginner Book Club, I’m just a lurker haha

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If you practice conjugating verbs into different forms, it can help you get used to recognizing them and getting more comfortable with figuring out the base verb from a conjugated form. Early on I would recite conjugations just to get them into my head. As you keep reading and listening it should get easier with time.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Obligatory caveat: There is no conjugation in Japanese. There are only stems (1 or 5, perfectly regular with the exception of する・来る), the た・て forms, and helper verbs that attach to one of these. To think of this as conjugation is to impose a structure that doesn’t fit and will get in your way sooner or later, if it hasn’t already.
The cure: Cure Dolly, on youtube. Ignore the antics, learn the grammar. Things will make much more sense.


Yeah I suppose that’s probably my best bet! I’ve done a decent amount already and it’s definitely been helpful, I just have a way easier time conjugating the verb myself than recognizing it in the wild, which feels like the opposite of how recognition and recall usually go :joy: I’ll definitely try doing it more though, it sure can’t hurt

Oh I 100% agree, I’m actually rewatching some of her main course as we speak! I just thought it would be easier to ask the question and have people know what I’m talking about if I said conjugation haha

Definitely appreciate and second the recommendation though, Cure Dolly’s been super helpful for me!

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A little trick I came up with that worked well for me:

I had some long car journeys so I listened to some audio lessons (Michel Thomas, but whatever comes to hand). The lessons involved repeating back what the presenter said. The lessons/examples were always in ます form but I would repeat them back in plain form.

Gave me basic revision (from the lessons) and plenty of practice in forming plain verbs

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Renshuu does have this conjugation drills feature (tho I don’t know if it’s available without a subscription). Here’s a screenshot:


(this is only an example but you can do much more:

I love this feature because I tend to forget conjugation lessons quickly if I don’t expose myself to enough conjugated content.

There’re also two Kitsun decks that might interest you:
ktn1 ktn2
You can easily
(if it’s available on Kitsun maybe it’s available on Anki too)

All ressources I suggested are SRS.

EDIT: Kitsun requires a subscription but I’m sure you can find conjugation decks on Anki.

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